June 05, 2008

Not A Farmer

I took the chicken to the vet - this is how you can tell I am not a farmer - so economically speaking, the chicken owes me 8 dozen eggs. However it was worth the money just to see the look on the vet's face... they don't treat many chickens, apparently! She was given a massive dose of antibiotics - chicken metabolisms are so fast, you give them as much as you would to a 40kg sheep - and it seems to have done the trick, she is much better. I had to make up a name for the vet's computer system, so she is now "Mrs Speckle", although as I think she is definitely a virgin, the Mrs may be a misnomer.

I have re-enrolled to take one paper extramurally from Massey this term. It's kind of bad timing because medically things are pretty suck at the moment, but if I don't enroll now then I'll do nothing with it until next year, and that seems a depressingly long time to wait. Since course work doesn't actually start for another few weeks, I'm really hoping things improve beforehand. On the hilarious side, you should see my ten-year-old student ID photo!

I need to get a mole cut off my back but at $160 to get it done it's a case of, would I rather worry about the mole or worry about the rent?

Hooray for a small amount of rain. My new definition of civilisation is a flush toilet with a tank that refills itself. Have you drunk rain water? It is so much softer and nicer than mineral water. Maybe I will bottle rain and sell it.

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