March 22, 2008

Goats and Sheep and Possum

I have two goats - a lady goat and a baby goat. I admit that originally I thought the bearded lady was a man and the smaller one his consort... I realised my mistake when "he" started to suckle her. So now I have a bread-eating Ladigoat and nervous Natasha the baby goat around.

In other, potentially sadder news, I think one of the sheep is fly-struck, it looks very miserable to me. So I have arranged for the landlord and a gun to come up today. If the sheep is indeed as sick as it looks to me, I might have to shoot it I think. At least shooting sick stock is quick and painless, because the chances of missing the animal are minimal and you can shoot it right in the head. However, how will I dig a hole to bury it? The ground is so hard and full of rocks. Poor sheep. I hope I don't have to shoot it. Hopefully sheep always lie on the ground looking desperately miserable.

The girls that own the horses came up yesterday and we went for a short ride. They have a blue heeler that came with us, dashed up a bank and returned triumphantly with a newly-dead possum in its jaws. They said when they go away and don't have anyone to feed the dog, it just feeds itself with possum and rabbit! Very convenient. It's kind of a pity that Sock is soft-mouthed...

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Goats? I am totally jealous.

Posted by: suraya at March 24, 2008 12:19 PM

Yeah the goats are pretty cool! I have plans to milk them :)

Posted by: phreq at March 25, 2008 10:10 AM
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