March 19, 2008

Humiliate Me, Please Dear

I am so heartily sick of the 'sex and governance' stories coming out of the USA. I especially hate that these men are dragging their wives into a public humiliation because of their jobs. Imagine having to stand up at a national news conference and listen to your husband admit to multiple extra-marital affairs - and then out you for the same behaviour!

ALBANY — Less than 24 hours after he was sworn in to replace a governor who left office in disgrace because of a prostitution scandal, Gov. David A. Paterson admitted that he had had relationships with women other than his wife, including one who is on the state payroll.

Paterson made the disclosure at a news conference at the State Capitol, accompanied by his wife, Michelle, who Mr. Paterson said had also been unfaithful. -

Sounds like a prince, don't he?


I see in the herald (egg story) that they are advising people to wash dirty eggs before opening them. But I've read many other places that you shouldn't wash eggs, cos they're porous, you should just wipe them clean with a damp cloth. The article does mention that, but only at the very end, and it totally contradicts the rest of their text.


Heather Mills... man, what was she thinking? Quite apart from everything else, surely she must realise that trying to make out Paul McCartney as a bad person (even if it were completely true!) would not go down well at all in England. You don't badmouth Princess Di and you don't bag on the Beatle who lost his lovely wife to cancer.


Now my favourite claim of the day: The ricin is for self-defence, officer.

The man at the center of a ricin scare at a Las Vegas motel said he never had any intention of hurting anyone with the deadly biological agent [...] He just confirmed that it was not intended for anybody,” Erich Bergendorff said. “It was something that would be used for his own purposes, for self-defense.” -

Ricin?! For self-defence?! No, really, the sarin gas was just for show'n'tell

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