March 18, 2008

Flat Drama

I am covered in very tiny beetles. No, really. I don't know where they come from, they appear to do no harm, and they are very difficult to squash.

In other news, the chickens have ventured forth from their van! I had to physically escort a hen from her perch on a discarded 40 gallon drum back to Hotel Van last night. It's great, I like to see them scratching around and dust bathing, not just sitting in a pile of wood shavings!

I never realised how the moonlight can cast shadows until I moved out here. It's so bright at nights I can walk to the bathroom without a lightstick.

Solar energy is really kind of magical. I love to think that my lights, laptop, music and TV are nuclear powered. How subversive! I want a sticker for my car saying 'This car runs on very old sunshine' and a sticker for my house saying 'Nuclear powered and it feels so good'.

This place does feel good. Even on a shitty awful day when I'm vomiting and seizuring and in a lot of pain, it's still nicer to see tree ferns and bush out the window rather than concrete and steel. It's not a logical place to live in terms of petrol prices and access to medical services etc, but it is beautiful and emotionally healing.

God, dramas at my old flat. One of the flatmates broke into and robbed a pub, came home and had a fight with another flatmate. He then broke into the guy's bedroom, stole his stuff and then tried to set the bedroom on fire. He was evicted, arrested and released... and then came back to try again! He's sending threatening letters to flatmates and landlord about more to come. Scary shit! Glad, so glad, I moved out already, or right now I would be hiding in a hotel somewhere desperately finding somewhere safe to move to.

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