April 26, 2006

Good Morning Sunshine

On Monday I scored a second-hand pair of Docs from SaveMart. They're in ok shape and only cost $9. I tend to have good luck with Docs - this is my second second-hand pair.

My stomach is quite sore at the moment. I wonder if it is the change in diet? Or, of course, it could just be endo acting up again.

I jogged today! And yesterday (even though it was raining miserably)! The fitness circuit at QEII is good, free and not too demanding. I'm trying not to let an initial rush of enthusiasm lead me to losing interest - slow and steady consistency is better for me. But, it is encouraging and feels good to start the day all exercised!

Didn't go to a dawn service yesterday because I couldn't find a local one and didn't fancy driving all the way into the central city. I re-read "Mud Beneath My Boots" instead.

Chch is working out well. Maybe I will join a complete beginners netball team. T and S are involved (heavily) in the local clubs. I've never played, even at school, so I'd have to have really really patient team-mates.

I'm reading a lot of excellent books at the moment. I've been quite tired recently so I have a lot of quiet time to indulge myself.

The compost heap continues unabated...

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April 24, 2006

Home Day

Having a day at home today cos S is sick and so I said I'd keep an eye on her if she wanted to stay home rather than go to holiday program etc. It's tough for single carers when they've got to work and the kids are on holiday, or sick.

I've been taking Sock for a 4.5km walk every day and she seems to be enjoying it as much as me. Well, no-one can really enjoy a walk as much as a dog, but you get the idea. Hooray for flatness that encourages walkiness!

The garden is growing well, it's enjoying the Indian Summer. Must weed it today. It's supposed to rain but it doesn't look much like it to me at the moment.

Did you know that Couplands Bakery does mince pies for $0.66? And they are good pies, too, not full of gristle and snouts. Also, good standard white bread for a buck.

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April 18, 2006

More About Gardens

The internet connection speed here is slow, but my typing is slower so that won't really hold me up that much.

I've put up a fence/gate in the garden. I managed to construct it from rescued bits of timber, so it cost about $7 in hinges and nails. Sock is unappreciative, I can hear her yelping from here. But it's going to be very convenient having a place where I can leave her securely outside. My garden is also aquiring a fence courtesy of S, (the 11-yr-old girl) who came up with the design herself. This will help keep Sock and the cats off my seedlings, we hope.

I took Sock for a good long walk to QEII park the other day. It's about 4km and we can do it easily inside an hour so it's not a bad exercise option. If I get enthusiastic someday, it also has one of those fitness-station circuits. Horseshoe lake is also within easy walking distance and it's very scenic. A bit remote in parts at the wrong time of year though, I should think.

This morning I dug a compost bin and will have to ring around bait shops to see if there's any chance of getting worms out of season. The soil here is very sandy and although that means great drainage, it also means low worm density and inability to hold nutrient. It would be useful to get hold of some live worms from somewhere and introduce them to the compost once it gets established and rotted down a little.

I've been having a good look at what other people are growing successfully in the area and it looks like fejoa, lemon and daphne do okay, as well as succulents, and flowers like geraniums. I think passionfruit would likely do alright up the back fence, as well. But that will all have to wait until the warmer weather. I'd better get the first frost-frame finished today.

Sock is back full-time now and seems to be drying off well, no sign of mastitis. The increase in exercise and decrease in food will be helping in that. She is warm but uncomfortable to sleep with :)

I've worn t-shirts every day since I got here, how bizarre is that! It's only rained once, for about an hour. (*tap dances, badly*)

Oh I do love not hav-ing to walk UPhill...

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April 11, 2006

Vegetable Stew

I put in a small vege plot yesterday. Going to give a go at growing some winter veges. If they don't come up, or don't do well, it's just fertiliser for the spring.

Oh man I miss Sock. Can't wait to have her back! But I think that going over to see her and then dropping her back to Deb's is upsetting her, so I'm a bit cautious.

I went to see Pluto at the Civic on Saturday night. It was a good show but it started at 9 and they didn't even get on stage until after 10.30!

Great weather down here. It's a little breezy today but yesterday was crop-top weather. I do love the climate in Chch.

Today I have to go into Winz - they took $60/wk off me just because I moved - "It's policy". Well, it's very unhelpful policy. My costs haven't changed! Grrrr.

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April 05, 2006

Bizarre Scenario

3 years ago, a man was murdered in Hong Kong, by his wife. It was known at the time as the Milkshake Murder (one of her kids gave him a milkshake with sedatives in it, so she could bludgeon him to death).

The murdered man's brother Andrew and his wife, Hayley, lived in New York. Hayley initiated divorce proceedings against her husband in 2005. Andrew was due to plead guilty this week to charges of fraud concerning tens of millions of dollars, and was certain to go to jail for several years.

On Tuesday, Andrew was found in the basement of his house with his hands and feet bound. He'd been shot in the head.

Hayley's explanation of the situation to a relative: "Andrew died."

Call me suspicious, but even if you hated your soon-to-be-ex-husband, wouldn't you have a little glimmer of sympathy/shock/anger that he'd been brutally murdered?

But how bizarre if both brothers turn out to have been murdered by their wives...

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April 04, 2006

Sealord Of The Whales

Did you know that Sealord is half-owned by Nissui, a Japanese company that has run a commercial whaling fleet for 72 years?

Greenpeace has been running a campaign of awareness here in NZ (although I didn't see any of it) - 40,000 emails went to Sealord's chief executive, Doug McKay.

Mr McKay told TV New Zealand that he hoped Greenpeace would now stop its "damaging and irresponsible" campaign against Sealord. - smh.com.au

I would think "damaging" might be correct, but hardly irresponsible.

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