April 11, 2006

Vegetable Stew

I put in a small vege plot yesterday. Going to give a go at growing some winter veges. If they don't come up, or don't do well, it's just fertiliser for the spring.

Oh man I miss Sock. Can't wait to have her back! But I think that going over to see her and then dropping her back to Deb's is upsetting her, so I'm a bit cautious.

I went to see Pluto at the Civic on Saturday night. It was a good show but it started at 9 and they didn't even get on stage until after 10.30!

Great weather down here. It's a little breezy today but yesterday was crop-top weather. I do love the climate in Chch.

Today I have to go into Winz - they took $60/wk off me just because I moved - "It's policy". Well, it's very unhelpful policy. My costs haven't changed! Grrrr.

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