April 18, 2006

More About Gardens

The internet connection speed here is slow, but my typing is slower so that won't really hold me up that much.

I've put up a fence/gate in the garden. I managed to construct it from rescued bits of timber, so it cost about $7 in hinges and nails. Sock is unappreciative, I can hear her yelping from here. But it's going to be very convenient having a place where I can leave her securely outside. My garden is also aquiring a fence courtesy of S, (the 11-yr-old girl) who came up with the design herself. This will help keep Sock and the cats off my seedlings, we hope.

I took Sock for a good long walk to QEII park the other day. It's about 4km and we can do it easily inside an hour so it's not a bad exercise option. If I get enthusiastic someday, it also has one of those fitness-station circuits. Horseshoe lake is also within easy walking distance and it's very scenic. A bit remote in parts at the wrong time of year though, I should think.

This morning I dug a compost bin and will have to ring around bait shops to see if there's any chance of getting worms out of season. The soil here is very sandy and although that means great drainage, it also means low worm density and inability to hold nutrient. It would be useful to get hold of some live worms from somewhere and introduce them to the compost once it gets established and rotted down a little.

I've been having a good look at what other people are growing successfully in the area and it looks like fejoa, lemon and daphne do okay, as well as succulents, and flowers like geraniums. I think passionfruit would likely do alright up the back fence, as well. But that will all have to wait until the warmer weather. I'd better get the first frost-frame finished today.

Sock is back full-time now and seems to be drying off well, no sign of mastitis. The increase in exercise and decrease in food will be helping in that. She is warm but uncomfortable to sleep with :)

I've worn t-shirts every day since I got here, how bizarre is that! It's only rained once, for about an hour. (*tap dances, badly*)

Oh I do love not hav-ing to walk UPhill...

Posted by phreq at April 18, 2006 11:34 AM | TrackBack

Yay, it sounds really nice. I miss having a garden.

Posted by: Fionnaigh at April 22, 2006 12:38 AM

Fejoa, yum :-). Very cool that you've got a space to get some dirt on your hands and grow things!

Posted by: Rachel at April 23, 2006 05:18 PM

Yeah, I've longed for a garden for years and years, ever since I left my parent's place. So nice and relaxing to watch things grow.

Posted by: phreq at April 24, 2006 09:20 AM
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