April 02, 2008

Sun, Therefore Laptop

It has been a crazy few days. First of all, hooray for rain, we bloody needed it! Second of all, I've noticed that rain tends to mean no sun, which means no power to the panels and no juice for laptops.

The craziness came from a sheep... oh my god. Have you ever seen a flystruck sheep? You don't want to. You especially do not want to have to chase the sheep down a steep hillside in the pouring rain and lasso it with a blue plastic rope. You do not want to have to take your sewing scissors and trim away rotten wool from a huge wound on its back. You do not want to have to spend an hour and half digging maggots out of the poor creature's back. The maggots had eaten away the skin from an area as big as both my hands, and there is a hole as big as an old 50 cent piece eaten right through the fat layer to the muscles beneath. OH MY GOD. The only happy creature in the whole escapade was the chicken, who thought the maggots were a thoughtful dinner present.

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