April 07, 2008


The housewarming was great. It's a pity I had to leave to catch trains but thems the breaks, I still had time for interesting people, fascinating cupcakes, intriguing tiny hamburgers and suckfullness on Rock Band drums.

Magpies are nasty birds. They work in teams and harrass sheep, native birds and people. There's like a harrier (or maybe a hawk?) that lives around here and often I see it being chased by a group of 5 or 6 magpies, working together. Although a baby magpie would probably grow up into a pretty engaging pet I think, they seem pretty smart.

Thank goodness for the rain, there is a small fuzz of new green growth on the hills. It was getting pretty desperate.

I took Biscuit the horse for a ride yesterday. I'm sure he will become more enthusiastic as I become more competent. At the moment I think he knows I don't really know what I'm doing and it makes him simulataneously nervous and disinclined to obey. But still! Horseriding *heart*

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