May 24, 2008

Early Saturday

I'm over at my parents' place in the Hutt, using their electricity and hot water (and socialising, of course). Got next to no sleep last night for some reason, so got up early. I'm getting pretty sick of no sleep, I'm annoyed that my GP won't listen to my psychiatrist and prescribe at the right level.

My computer is running like an absolute dog... it always has but it is getting worse. I think it's the memory/processor speed or something, there is plenty of hard-drive space left.

Still no water at home, I'm hauling about 18 litres a day up from the creek by hand. This doesn't bother me overly but it would be nice to get the engine fixed so that the pump works. However this appears to entail somehow moving the engine back up the cliff for repairs (20m or so upwards). I have no idea how they got the engine down there in the first place, and it is a heavy-duty piece of machinery connected to another heavy-duty piece of machinery, which would suggest large bolts. Possibly rusted bolts. I feel this is not a job that should have a me involved.

-- news commentary--

The Myanmar 'junta' is making me so angry. "Although the United Nations says more than a million people are still in urgent need of food, water, shelter and medical supplies, the junta insists that “the emergency phase of the operation is over” and that international donors should focus on reconstruction, which would include instead large amounts of machinery and materials." -

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