February 18, 2004

Stuff I Wants

This is a list of things I need and/or want. Feel free to use it as a gift list, I use it as a shopping list. (Last updated January 18 2005)

Proper cloth Duct Tape

Underwear (small / 12C)

Liquid foundation


Pots that aren't going rusty



Simpson's Seasons DVD Box Sets (I have the third season)

Southpark DVDs

Family Guy Season 3 DVD (if there is one... I have seasons 1 & 2)

New jeans that actually fit

Doc Martens boots

A propelling pencil

A desk lamp

A dish-drying rack

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February 10, 2004

my head it is has three corners...

Ooooh man. You know those nasty, nasty migraines that set up camp in your head and make you sick as a dog for days on end? I just had one of those... still got the tail end of it but nothing like it was, thank goodness. I can't believe how damn early it is, but it's the only time of day it doesn't hurt my eyes like hell so I thought I'd get online sooner rather than later.

I thought I'd get up and let the cat out around 4.30, since we were both awake. She's a funny little creature - she's becoming more and more adventurous as the days go by. I'm still keeping her away from the dogs but she seems pretty damn unfazed by the whole thing really!

It is hard to type so I might leave this here. But I will get online properly again once my brain is working again. This is rapidly becoming a contender for personal worst migraine ever! *sigh* :)

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