August 30, 2006

Yay Spring!

The weather has been awesome down this way for the last few days. I think it's meant to pack up a bit tomorrow but as soon as that abberation is past, I look forward to getting back into the water.

The beach here is a reasonable surf beach (so it's not great for swimming) and the estuary and river are close by - so I hope to get the white-water kayak in the water again very soon. The only real downside to the kayak is that Sock can't join in. Shayne is keen on it though, I've taken her out a few times - I wonder if her dad might stump up for a second-hand kids boat?

Meds are still not settled. It's really annoying but I know it could be much worse so I won't complain too hard in case fate is listening.

I've put a daphne and a lemon tree into the garden, and I'm going to aquire a Japanese Maple cutting. They are such pretty trees.

Oh, by the way - Check out KiwiFM - 102.1 Wellington, 102.3 Auckland, 102.5 Chch. Support our local artists!

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August 25, 2006

Surfacing Again...

Whew, it's been a weird few weeks. Still is, frankly! I kind of went into something they fancilly describe as 'traumatic shock' which basically means your mind says "I'm not dealing with ANYTHING"... I started having heaps of seizures and ended up biting almost through my lower lip. And then the wound got infected with an unusual virus (did you know that there *are* anti-viral tablets, just like anti-biotics?) and it's still even now bleeding and crusting gunk all over my mouth every morning. But it is at least on its way out. The really bad thing is that I've lost 8kg in the last 3 weeks just from being sick and unable to eat anything. FUKKKIT! It took so long and so many tears to put on that weight and about 30 seconds to ruin it all.

In response to the seizures and TS they violently changed my medications and introduced 2 new ones at quite high doses. I suspect that the meds are causing a few unusual side-effects: my hands and feet are pins-n-needles and I've got these shooting cramps from my hips right down my legs. Also, I can read a book and comprehend it just fine, but I can't remember other things - like, what day it is, whether I took a shower today, why I went to the shop and so on. It's quite a strange feeling! The worst bit of it is that I keep missing important appointments, so I'm resorting to writing everything down as much as possible.

The weather is nicer, the snow drops are out. The first winter-nurtured broccolli will be ready for harvest this week. I've planted peas, sown the lettuce into the seed-trays and dug a bunch of trenches. The potatoes are being hardened off and I must get some yams shortly too.

I do like this time of year, when the earth is quickening up again.

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