June 30, 2005

Thank goodness for Love

I have been feeling really hateful recently and yesterday was the worst. I didn't have fights with anyone or anything, but everything was grating and bugging me. Students, Staff, Flatmates, Friends, Family, House, Classroom, Desk, Clothes, Body, Myself! I imagine that I haven't been that fun to be around as I don't tend to "keep it in".

I know that I have been doing an inordinate amount of bitching too and about things. I've been missing Beau as normally I would just complain to him and I wouldn't feel too bad about it, because I know that he knows that most of the time I don't even mean it. Whatever it is isn't that big a deal. Most importantly I know that when he "listens" to me whinge, he does not think that I am evil. Ahhh.

Also contributing to grumpy yucky Giffy is the fact that I am soo busy. I have not spent a whole day at home in... I don't know how long, and I hadn't had an evening at home with flatmates since last Friday, and Muggle wasn't there then! Last night I finally spent an evening on the couch watching TV, eating yummy dinner cooked by Muggle. I even watched Shortland St with Sass. Then, when i was getting anxious, Beau called me.

He was actually out at lunch and had people waiting for him, but he had seen a payphone and went over and dialled. Thank goodness. I told him how I missed and loved him and how I had turned evil and mean and he told me how he loved me and how he was getting incredibly annoyed with a friend and it was all Okay.

I only talked to him for a few minutes, but it cheered me up. That, plus playing (and losing 3 games of badminton) and spending all evening blobbing in front of TV has made me feel much, much better.

Ahh, so happy to be happy again.

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June 27, 2005

Weekend Passed

The weekend has passed and it was good. A fair chunk of it spent with Evie, Jarrat and Frank. AB also featured prominently.

Starting on Saturday: Slept in, did laundry, hung out and did an awesome walk with Zephfi. We saw a penguin!!

Got to Evie and Jarrat's. Played with Eloieli and family. They are very energetic!Did a bit of RPing, ate a a lot of yummy food *cheese*. I got to try the awesomeness of 2 dance mats at once. There is something satisfying about jumping on arrows, even more so when there is someone next to you jumping on them at the same time.

I went to sleep on the couch of angst but woke up pretty happy. Maybe it was the tea and crepe's that were prepared for breakfast, maybe it was the thought of more DanceMat Action! Maybe it is a couch that absorbs angst so that one may sit on it and be relieved from the burden that is angst. Maybe!

Saw Batman Begins. Liked it alot! Found no-one particularly attractive, otherwise may have liked it more. I didn't hate anyone either. I was pleased to discover why Batman was so good at fighting, D'uh! Trained by a Jedi Knight! I found the playboy Bruce to be hilarious.

Had a tiny amount of Thai dancing and while I did almost nothing, my arm was still sore from holding all the postures. Unfortunately, the time for Thai dancing coincides with that for The Gondoliers, so I won't be able to attend it again until after September probably. Poos.

Went home, watched Angelic Layer and ate Delicious takeaways from my favourite foodcourt (Wakefield Market). Then had a bath and went to bed early. Perfect ending. This morning I finally felt like I had had enough sleep. Unfortunately it was freezing!

Still cold, but the sun is out and I have to go teach now. There is a heater in my room. :)

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June 24, 2005

Sport Giffy

Yesterday I played 3 different sports (four if you count Giant Badminton!), Badminton (for about an hour), Volleyball (two sets), Netball, (2 quarters). I also had singing practice and wrote some of my form teacher reports. I am tired!

I'm also a little sickly. My throat has a tickle in it and I woke up at 2something am last night with a sore throat and congestion. Slathered on some Vicks, went to the loo and then back to bed. Luckily I didn't properly wake up at any stage and went back to a slightly cough-y sleep.

This morning I am a bit achey and I have a bruise on my right wrist (curse you Volleyball!) and my throat is scratchy, but I feel ok. Today is the last day of one of my students. She is leaving for Australia next week. She has made good friends in her class and will be missed.

Tonight I mentioned to a work mate that they could come over for singstar, but I've changed my mind. I just want to have a long, hot bath and get into my bed and sleep. I have plans for the weekend all sorted and I just want to rest today.

What is up with this Saturday? I have been offered 5 different things to do on Saturday night. I have already declined a movie, a pyjama-wearing DVD evening, a workmate rugby watching night and a boardgames and rugby watching night! So much stuff. I bet I get no offers for next weekend tho.

What I will be doing on Saturday is walking from town to Kilbirnie, then heading to the Upper Hutt to visit with friends, cuddle babies, drink at a fireplace and role play. I keep meaning to ask Evie or Jarrat (I really wanted to type "of") if I should bring my dance mat over so that we can have a dance battle! I've also been promised breakfast for the next "morning" so yay!

On Sunday I have plans to see Batman Begins. Will we go see it in the Hutt? I have a student who really wants me to go there and I think I have a voucher. Should find some times and email people.


PS Beau did call me on Wed and he did look at many rings, but he doesn't think he will find the right one there. Even though we have talked about getting married, there is an extra thrill to think that he is looking at rings. Thrrrrill!

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June 22, 2005


I want my head to be on my pillow,
I want to cradle a duvet in my arms,
Bed, embrace me,
I would be yours forever.

In other words, I stayed up too late last night writing a test for my Y11s and in the cold light of the pre-dawn morning, I'm not sure that it is any good. I need to go talk to the HOD about it. I need to put my head down on my desk and close my eyes and... NO! Must get up, must find HOD!

But first, in the interests of Procrastination, links to Riverside Community and the Riverside Cafe.

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June 21, 2005

Community Wedding

On the weekend I attended my cousin's wedding. It was the first wedding of someone I'm related to that I can remember attending (there is video proof that I attended my Aunt's but I was about 6months old so it's a bit hazy) and it was also the first wedding I felt myself tearing up over!

Ginger and Daisy have only known each other for 6 months so it was a bit of a surprise for the whole family when they announced that they were getting married. I know my Auntie in particular was worried that they were rushing it, maybe because she and Ginger's dad split up last year after a whole bunch of difficulties. However, I don't think that anyone felt any worries at the wedding.

It was very relaxed and took place in the Cafe in the Commune where my Auntie lives and where all her kids grew up. People stood around, except for the kids who sat happily on the floor. I had been worried about what to wear but was very reassured when the bridesmaids walked in, all had long skirts and carried lilies, but their clothes did not match. Several wore Docs under those long skirts! Then Daisy walked in and I got my first glimpse of her. She is beautiful. She is half-german, half-ethiopian and %100 gorgeous. She calmly walked up to Ginger and they smiled and held hands.

Ginger had cue cards to help him with the vows, but Daisy had memorised hers. They were lovely. The head bridesmaid read a poem and I wish I had noted who the author was. I can always ask later. After the ceremony was over, they kissed and signed the documents and then the "maidens" were all organised into the center of the room and Daisy turned around and threw the bouquet. Right at my head. I caught it and was gently teased about it for the rest of the weekend. Nevermind, I'm pretty sure Beau is ok with it,

After the photo's we had a big dinner and then later on in the evening thee was a Dance Party! I still have the faint imprint of a heart and their initials drawn on the inside of my wrist. I don't mind either, because it is a nice reminder of this wonderful time.

I'm thinking that this summer, for my "road trip", all I want to do is drive to Motueka and spend a week or so there. Partly because I love the place, partly to see my family, partly because it's cheap, but also because there are heaps of attractions for the region (kayaking, walks, caving, climbing, beaches) and I have not yet experienced them. You're invited to come with me.

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June 16, 2005


Singing practise ended early today. I am very amazed by how good the soloists are. Altho the woman singing the highest part gets pretty shrill when she does. Not that I should judge, I wouldn't even be able to squeak that note. Might have hit a High C in warm-up today, probably didn't.

Cooked dinner and did dishes today. Plus handed in reports, so can feel good about that.

Have sorted out wig with trader. She has sent me a bad one, but we both can't be bothered sending back and forth and the wig is ok, so she's giving me a partial refund and I am keeping it.

There is no hot water! Sass washed her hair and then Muggle had a shower and now there is no water for me. I am cold. I may have to get into my bed filthy!

Our electricity bill came and this is one where they actually took a reading. $300+!!!!! I cry.

My cell phone is not working at all. I should have sorted out a temporary replacement by Saturday, but until then, don't try texting or calling it.

I'm spending this weekend with my family at my cousin's wedding and I am going to try to spend NO money for the next 3 days. Let's see if I can do it. I probably can't because I need to get some petrol, but that hardly counts as spending, that is more like paying bills.

I was thinking I might hang out with Evie tomorrow and go window shopping, but she is feeling sickly and I am feeling poor. I may just go home and drink my way slowly through a bottle of ginger mead. Ahhhh. Yummy. I actually have a fair amount of alcohol in my cupboard and I should drink some. Knowing me, I'll probably have 2 glasses and then give up on it. That is also ok.

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June 14, 2005

Not much- whinging about money.

Argh! I am having a major procrastinating-report-writing moment! Also I'm about to feel poor. I've been spending too much and the mortgage comes out Thurs. On the plus side, I now have an iPod Shuffle, both Stitch & Bitch books and a wig I am unhappy with. The S&B books weren't really that much as Lovely Elric gave me book vouchers for my birthday and I put them towards that. I should do some actual knitting now.

I need to stop going out and spending. For example, I did not need to go out for lunch and dinner last night. Also I bought pizza on Sunday for my 2 sisters, my dad and my sister's boyfriend (plus myself). I thought one of them would give me some money, but it didn't happen. Then again, Dad is paying for my travel to Mot. Which reminds me that some money is going out for a wedding present. I need to text my cousin and see what they want.

Also, tomorrow I go to pick up the Folly from the garage and pay for the work done, but that is kinda paying for the iPs in a roundabout way. I can probably delay giving Mum the rest of the money for the Folly until next week which is payday. I can actually give it to her and still have money to easily last until next week. It just makes me sad when my account has less than 4 numbers in it and this would definitely make it less than that.

On the plus side my credit card is all paid up......hhmmm.

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June 13, 2005

Unsuccessfully Flirting with Wigs

Today the reflection done at briefing was on cheering yourself up by buying a wig. In this case a $20 toyworld wig. Still cool. It made me anticipate the wig I was getting soon.

I had bought one earlier from trademe and I wore it to Sok's on Saturday and I look super cute in it. I recently bought another one from a different trader on trademe and it arrived today, but it is not as advertised.

It doesn't have a "skin top" so it just isn't as good as it should be. I'm all sad about it. I still want to try it on, but I don't want to in case the trader wants me to return it, which will be a big pain as they sent it from Australia. Boo! Boo, boo!

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June 10, 2005


My Dad is going to Darfur in the Sudan as part of the Medecins Sans Frontieres effort there. He will be gone for 3 months. This was only confirmed yesterday and he is leaving on the 20th of this month.

I had known that this was maybe happening, but I am feeling a little bit stunned. Still, Dad just does this sort of thing. I hope he is safe. It will be his first time on the African Continent.

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June 08, 2005

Getting slightly tipsy on an RTD

Well, yesterday Sok and I had our first singing rehearsal with the G&S society and it was fun, although it left me feeling like I can't sing for crap. This is going to be HARD for me. I have to hit A's!!! That is high. It is about my max and it doesn't sound pretty.

However, singing in 4-part (Sometimes more!) is awesome. I'd almost forgotten just how awesome it is! The harmonies are fun. I kinda wish that they had put me in Alto as it would be easier for me to hit the notes, but i am glad they ended up placing me in Soprano, because it is easier for me to find the notes. For those who don't know, it is much easier to hear the top (or even bottome) note in a chord than it is to hear one of the middle notes. Much easier.

I am glad I saw this and auditioned for it. The practises are 3 times a week, Tues, Thurs and Sun! This means that I will have no time to pine for my Beau. I also wonder what I would have done if he hadn't left the country, all the practices would mean that we wouldn't have seen each other very much. Altho we don't normally see each other on Thurs or Sunday afternoons anyway.

PS anyone a tenor with a bunch of spare time? They are desperate. They haven't even cast the tenor lead!

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June 06, 2005

Bride and Prejudice!

So silly and fun. I am now determined that "one day, when I get married" I want to have syncronised dancing. Not everyone there would have to dance, but definitely the bridal party and anyone else I could rope into it. It would be sooo fun! I am also determined to wear the sari I bought at SaveMart a while back. I will need to make a blouse and underskirt to wear with it, but that (hopefully) shouldn't be to difficult. I might even think about wearing it to a certain "Space cowboy" themed party. I swear it is in theme!

Today I had Yum Char with my parents and my 2 sisters. Keepy wouldn't come, that's brothers for you. On the plus side, him and I actually talked without fighting on Sunday. Good work us! Muggle also brought her Piripi along and it really made me miss my Beau. Weirdly the thing that made me miss Beau being there the most was seeing my Mum give Piripi a hug and a kiss when she greeted him!

I saw Evie on 3 different days this weekend. I'm counting Friday evening (altho it doesn't count as a weekend day when I am getting dressed in the morning). One of my most favourite things was going into shops and her saying. I can help you make that. Awesome! I am imagining me making heaps of cool pretty dresses and tops now. Don't know if I actually will. Should start with buying patterns and then moving on to buying material and thread. Hmm.

Here's a link to a Simplicity pattern that I thought I could use to make a Sari blouse and skirt.

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June 02, 2005


I've been thinking about blogging since Friday, but don't seem to have had the energy to do so.

Since Friday I have played 2 different RPG games and in both of them was involved in a fight. In the Buffy game Jo staked vamps, in the Mage game Kayla hid behind a fan and quaked in her Ugg boots. Both fun in different days. Nice, although somewhat nerve wracking having people visiting for the Mage game. Nice, although time consuming to have Buffy game up the Coast.

Had some hassles with the Folly as panelbeaters said to bring it in on Monday, which I did, then they said that they didn't have that part after all and could I bring it back in 10 days? GAH!

Did a bunch of marking on the weekend and had 2 classes sit a 3 day assessment today. Trying to decide what I can get them to do tomorrow when it will be the beginning of an assessment and then a 3-day weekend. Don't feel like doing anything. Might borrow some glockenspiels from the music department and explore the sonorous property of metals. Might drive myself crazy by letting 15yearolds bang on instruments!

Have had many baths and earliesque nights, but I'm feeling tired and a bit sad. I wonder if I'm just missing my Beau, but I expect it's more than that. Probably winter coming and cold still hanging around. Also had a bit of a disagreement with a workmate. Never fun.

I'm hoping that the coming weekend recharges me somewhat. I have half-formed plans to finish knitting my beanie. Maybe it's time for another craft afternoon. I'm looking forward to some window shopping and cake with Evie, also Scott's birthday meal. Sass is also talking about Bride and Prejudice. Anyone up for Yum Char? I think it is time.

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