June 16, 2005


Singing practise ended early today. I am very amazed by how good the soloists are. Altho the woman singing the highest part gets pretty shrill when she does. Not that I should judge, I wouldn't even be able to squeak that note. Might have hit a High C in warm-up today, probably didn't.

Cooked dinner and did dishes today. Plus handed in reports, so can feel good about that.

Have sorted out wig with trader. She has sent me a bad one, but we both can't be bothered sending back and forth and the wig is ok, so she's giving me a partial refund and I am keeping it.

There is no hot water! Sass washed her hair and then Muggle had a shower and now there is no water for me. I am cold. I may have to get into my bed filthy!

Our electricity bill came and this is one where they actually took a reading. $300+!!!!! I cry.

My cell phone is not working at all. I should have sorted out a temporary replacement by Saturday, but until then, don't try texting or calling it.

I'm spending this weekend with my family at my cousin's wedding and I am going to try to spend NO money for the next 3 days. Let's see if I can do it. I probably can't because I need to get some petrol, but that hardly counts as spending, that is more like paying bills.

I was thinking I might hang out with Evie tomorrow and go window shopping, but she is feeling sickly and I am feeling poor. I may just go home and drink my way slowly through a bottle of ginger mead. Ahhhh. Yummy. I actually have a fair amount of alcohol in my cupboard and I should drink some. Knowing me, I'll probably have 2 glasses and then give up on it. That is also ok.

Point of Fashion : Brown as the New Black.
Current Obsession : Filthy Poor

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