June 21, 2005

Community Wedding

On the weekend I attended my cousin's wedding. It was the first wedding of someone I'm related to that I can remember attending (there is video proof that I attended my Aunt's but I was about 6months old so it's a bit hazy) and it was also the first wedding I felt myself tearing up over!

Ginger and Daisy have only known each other for 6 months so it was a bit of a surprise for the whole family when they announced that they were getting married. I know my Auntie in particular was worried that they were rushing it, maybe because she and Ginger's dad split up last year after a whole bunch of difficulties. However, I don't think that anyone felt any worries at the wedding.

It was very relaxed and took place in the Cafe in the Commune where my Auntie lives and where all her kids grew up. People stood around, except for the kids who sat happily on the floor. I had been worried about what to wear but was very reassured when the bridesmaids walked in, all had long skirts and carried lilies, but their clothes did not match. Several wore Docs under those long skirts! Then Daisy walked in and I got my first glimpse of her. She is beautiful. She is half-german, half-ethiopian and %100 gorgeous. She calmly walked up to Ginger and they smiled and held hands.

Ginger had cue cards to help him with the vows, but Daisy had memorised hers. They were lovely. The head bridesmaid read a poem and I wish I had noted who the author was. I can always ask later. After the ceremony was over, they kissed and signed the documents and then the "maidens" were all organised into the center of the room and Daisy turned around and threw the bouquet. Right at my head. I caught it and was gently teased about it for the rest of the weekend. Nevermind, I'm pretty sure Beau is ok with it,

After the photo's we had a big dinner and then later on in the evening thee was a Dance Party! I still have the faint imprint of a heart and their initials drawn on the inside of my wrist. I don't mind either, because it is a nice reminder of this wonderful time.

I'm thinking that this summer, for my "road trip", all I want to do is drive to Motueka and spend a week or so there. Partly because I love the place, partly to see my family, partly because it's cheap, but also because there are heaps of attractions for the region (kayaking, walks, caving, climbing, beaches) and I have not yet experienced them. You're invited to come with me.

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