June 14, 2005

Not much- whinging about money.

Argh! I am having a major procrastinating-report-writing moment! Also I'm about to feel poor. I've been spending too much and the mortgage comes out Thurs. On the plus side, I now have an iPod Shuffle, both Stitch & Bitch books and a wig I am unhappy with. The S&B books weren't really that much as Lovely Elric gave me book vouchers for my birthday and I put them towards that. I should do some actual knitting now.

I need to stop going out and spending. For example, I did not need to go out for lunch and dinner last night. Also I bought pizza on Sunday for my 2 sisters, my dad and my sister's boyfriend (plus myself). I thought one of them would give me some money, but it didn't happen. Then again, Dad is paying for my travel to Mot. Which reminds me that some money is going out for a wedding present. I need to text my cousin and see what they want.

Also, tomorrow I go to pick up the Folly from the garage and pay for the work done, but that is kinda paying for the iPs in a roundabout way. I can probably delay giving Mum the rest of the money for the Folly until next week which is payday. I can actually give it to her and still have money to easily last until next week. It just makes me sad when my account has less than 4 numbers in it and this would definitely make it less than that.

On the plus side my credit card is all paid up......hhmmm.

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Current Obsession: iPs and $$$

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