June 27, 2005

Weekend Passed

The weekend has passed and it was good. A fair chunk of it spent with Evie, Jarrat and Frank. AB also featured prominently.

Starting on Saturday: Slept in, did laundry, hung out and did an awesome walk with Zephfi. We saw a penguin!!

Got to Evie and Jarrat's. Played with Eloieli and family. They are very energetic!Did a bit of RPing, ate a a lot of yummy food *cheese*. I got to try the awesomeness of 2 dance mats at once. There is something satisfying about jumping on arrows, even more so when there is someone next to you jumping on them at the same time.

I went to sleep on the couch of angst but woke up pretty happy. Maybe it was the tea and crepe's that were prepared for breakfast, maybe it was the thought of more DanceMat Action! Maybe it is a couch that absorbs angst so that one may sit on it and be relieved from the burden that is angst. Maybe!

Saw Batman Begins. Liked it alot! Found no-one particularly attractive, otherwise may have liked it more. I didn't hate anyone either. I was pleased to discover why Batman was so good at fighting, D'uh! Trained by a Jedi Knight! I found the playboy Bruce to be hilarious.

Had a tiny amount of Thai dancing and while I did almost nothing, my arm was still sore from holding all the postures. Unfortunately, the time for Thai dancing coincides with that for The Gondoliers, so I won't be able to attend it again until after September probably. Poos.

Went home, watched Angelic Layer and ate Delicious takeaways from my favourite foodcourt (Wakefield Market). Then had a bath and went to bed early. Perfect ending. This morning I finally felt like I had had enough sleep. Unfortunately it was freezing!

Still cold, but the sun is out and I have to go teach now. There is a heater in my room. :)

Posted by giffy at June 27, 2005 03:28 PM