June 30, 2005

Thank goodness for Love

I have been feeling really hateful recently and yesterday was the worst. I didn't have fights with anyone or anything, but everything was grating and bugging me. Students, Staff, Flatmates, Friends, Family, House, Classroom, Desk, Clothes, Body, Myself! I imagine that I haven't been that fun to be around as I don't tend to "keep it in".

I know that I have been doing an inordinate amount of bitching too and about things. I've been missing Beau as normally I would just complain to him and I wouldn't feel too bad about it, because I know that he knows that most of the time I don't even mean it. Whatever it is isn't that big a deal. Most importantly I know that when he "listens" to me whinge, he does not think that I am evil. Ahhh.

Also contributing to grumpy yucky Giffy is the fact that I am soo busy. I have not spent a whole day at home in... I don't know how long, and I hadn't had an evening at home with flatmates since last Friday, and Muggle wasn't there then! Last night I finally spent an evening on the couch watching TV, eating yummy dinner cooked by Muggle. I even watched Shortland St with Sass. Then, when i was getting anxious, Beau called me.

He was actually out at lunch and had people waiting for him, but he had seen a payphone and went over and dialled. Thank goodness. I told him how I missed and loved him and how I had turned evil and mean and he told me how he loved me and how he was getting incredibly annoyed with a friend and it was all Okay.

I only talked to him for a few minutes, but it cheered me up. That, plus playing (and losing 3 games of badminton) and spending all evening blobbing in front of TV has made me feel much, much better.

Ahh, so happy to be happy again.

Point of Fashion: 20's style hat.
Current Obsession: Badminton

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