July 05, 2005

It will never End

There are still 3 more days until the holidays. The school is restless. ARGH!

Some good things about the week so far:

I tidied the house (not much though) and had people over.

I did RPing and while I didn't actually do that much in the game, I wrote up my first "story of magic use" for my character and people praised me for it. Ahhh Praise!

I got more praise today, when for staff reflection I talked about "my Dad". Apparently it answered alot of questions. I talked for about 5 minutes and I wonder what the questions were. One of my workmates said it also raised some and he'd think about it and write them down for me. Cool. I'm glad my reflection was so interesting to people. I guess it is always interesting when you have seen someone, day in, day out and you get to hear something about what made them. I even got some laughs, so that is good.

Yesterday a friend did her reflection on her arm. It had gotten paralysed after an accident and she talked about how that effected her and how she dealt with it and worked on it until it worked again, although not quite perfectly. I like it when people really share about themselves. Today she asked me to give her a back rub. I'd given her one the other day and it had been good, so she asked me again. She has a sore back, it wasn't out of no-where!

I got an email from my Beau and he loves and misses me. I am waiting and waiting for him to come back. Only 8 weeks to go! I want to cuddle him and plan for the future. I need to know if I need to book leave for his graduation. I need to know if I have to make space for him in my room!

Writing down the good things makes me feel better.


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Current obsession: 3 days 'til Holidays!

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