June 24, 2005

Sport Giffy

Yesterday I played 3 different sports (four if you count Giant Badminton!), Badminton (for about an hour), Volleyball (two sets), Netball, (2 quarters). I also had singing practice and wrote some of my form teacher reports. I am tired!

I'm also a little sickly. My throat has a tickle in it and I woke up at 2something am last night with a sore throat and congestion. Slathered on some Vicks, went to the loo and then back to bed. Luckily I didn't properly wake up at any stage and went back to a slightly cough-y sleep.

This morning I am a bit achey and I have a bruise on my right wrist (curse you Volleyball!) and my throat is scratchy, but I feel ok. Today is the last day of one of my students. She is leaving for Australia next week. She has made good friends in her class and will be missed.

Tonight I mentioned to a work mate that they could come over for singstar, but I've changed my mind. I just want to have a long, hot bath and get into my bed and sleep. I have plans for the weekend all sorted and I just want to rest today.

What is up with this Saturday? I have been offered 5 different things to do on Saturday night. I have already declined a movie, a pyjama-wearing DVD evening, a workmate rugby watching night and a boardgames and rugby watching night! So much stuff. I bet I get no offers for next weekend tho.

What I will be doing on Saturday is walking from town to Kilbirnie, then heading to the Upper Hutt to visit with friends, cuddle babies, drink at a fireplace and role play. I keep meaning to ask Evie or Jarrat (I really wanted to type "of") if I should bring my dance mat over so that we can have a dance battle! I've also been promised breakfast for the next "morning" so yay!

On Sunday I have plans to see Batman Begins. Will we go see it in the Hutt? I have a student who really wants me to go there and I think I have a voucher. Should find some times and email people.


PS Beau did call me on Wed and he did look at many rings, but he doesn't think he will find the right one there. Even though we have talked about getting married, there is an extra thrill to think that he is looking at rings. Thrrrrill!

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