June 06, 2005

Bride and Prejudice!

So silly and fun. I am now determined that "one day, when I get married" I want to have syncronised dancing. Not everyone there would have to dance, but definitely the bridal party and anyone else I could rope into it. It would be sooo fun! I am also determined to wear the sari I bought at SaveMart a while back. I will need to make a blouse and underskirt to wear with it, but that (hopefully) shouldn't be to difficult. I might even think about wearing it to a certain "Space cowboy" themed party. I swear it is in theme!

Today I had Yum Char with my parents and my 2 sisters. Keepy wouldn't come, that's brothers for you. On the plus side, him and I actually talked without fighting on Sunday. Good work us! Muggle also brought her Piripi along and it really made me miss my Beau. Weirdly the thing that made me miss Beau being there the most was seeing my Mum give Piripi a hug and a kiss when she greeted him!

I saw Evie on 3 different days this weekend. I'm counting Friday evening (altho it doesn't count as a weekend day when I am getting dressed in the morning). One of my most favourite things was going into shops and her saying. I can help you make that. Awesome! I am imagining me making heaps of cool pretty dresses and tops now. Don't know if I actually will. Should start with buying patterns and then moving on to buying material and thread. Hmm.

Here's a link to a Simplicity pattern that I thought I could use to make a Sari blouse and skirt.

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