June 02, 2005


I've been thinking about blogging since Friday, but don't seem to have had the energy to do so.

Since Friday I have played 2 different RPG games and in both of them was involved in a fight. In the Buffy game Jo staked vamps, in the Mage game Kayla hid behind a fan and quaked in her Ugg boots. Both fun in different days. Nice, although somewhat nerve wracking having people visiting for the Mage game. Nice, although time consuming to have Buffy game up the Coast.

Had some hassles with the Folly as panelbeaters said to bring it in on Monday, which I did, then they said that they didn't have that part after all and could I bring it back in 10 days? GAH!

Did a bunch of marking on the weekend and had 2 classes sit a 3 day assessment today. Trying to decide what I can get them to do tomorrow when it will be the beginning of an assessment and then a 3-day weekend. Don't feel like doing anything. Might borrow some glockenspiels from the music department and explore the sonorous property of metals. Might drive myself crazy by letting 15yearolds bang on instruments!

Have had many baths and earliesque nights, but I'm feeling tired and a bit sad. I wonder if I'm just missing my Beau, but I expect it's more than that. Probably winter coming and cold still hanging around. Also had a bit of a disagreement with a workmate. Never fun.

I'm hoping that the coming weekend recharges me somewhat. I have half-formed plans to finish knitting my beanie. Maybe it's time for another craft afternoon. I'm looking forward to some window shopping and cake with Evie, also Scott's birthday meal. Sass is also talking about Bride and Prejudice. Anyone up for Yum Char? I think it is time.

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