June 08, 2005

Getting slightly tipsy on an RTD

Well, yesterday Sok and I had our first singing rehearsal with the G&S society and it was fun, although it left me feeling like I can't sing for crap. This is going to be HARD for me. I have to hit A's!!! That is high. It is about my max and it doesn't sound pretty.

However, singing in 4-part (Sometimes more!) is awesome. I'd almost forgotten just how awesome it is! The harmonies are fun. I kinda wish that they had put me in Alto as it would be easier for me to hit the notes, but i am glad they ended up placing me in Soprano, because it is easier for me to find the notes. For those who don't know, it is much easier to hear the top (or even bottome) note in a chord than it is to hear one of the middle notes. Much easier.

I am glad I saw this and auditioned for it. The practises are 3 times a week, Tues, Thurs and Sun! This means that I will have no time to pine for my Beau. I also wonder what I would have done if he hadn't left the country, all the practices would mean that we wouldn't have seen each other very much. Altho we don't normally see each other on Thurs or Sunday afternoons anyway.

PS anyone a tenor with a bunch of spare time? They are desperate. They haven't even cast the tenor lead!

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