July 28, 2005


Don't have anything to say, but I feel like it's about time I blogged again. It is a month today until Beau gets back, but that is still too long away for me to get excited. It is *ages*!

I am supposed to be sewing some skirts for costumes for the school production, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I am slack. They are doing the Taming of the Shrew. I think there is going to be some hip-hop dancing in it! If people are interested, it is on next week.

On Saturday morning I might go with my friend Camel up north. There is a shoe factory store there and they are having a sale! That evening I have a Larp to go to. I might also get to see Animation now! I am looking forward to Saturday.

School is good, but a bit mad as the "Poly Fest" is on Friday. The Samoan group's Sa-sa (sp?) is amazing! Sooo intricate and just awesome. I'm going to watch some of the dress rehearsal tomorrow.

Today I am dropping by Jenni's to give her some books I ordered for her in APRIL! They have taken that long to arrive! The were back-ordered, but still, Madman were slack about getting them in. They initially told me it'd be about 3 weeks! Also, have to find a top I said I'd get for her.

I'm back on the trademe horse and bought a "chicken-fillet" bra and a pedometer and a book of knitting patterns! oh dear. No more trade me for me for a while. Still the whole lot comes to about $40, so it isn't too bad.

I have to go buy some fresh fruit and veg now. Sass isn't going to be home for dinner and McDonalds is calling me.... it's so bad and I still want it. I even have vouchers!

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July 25, 2005

Back for winter?

1st day back at school. It's kinda nice and kinda really not. Students are funny but not as crazy as they were at the end of last term. Thank goodness!

I'm wearing new tops today and have my hair in a clip rather than braided and I'm also not wearing my glasses. People keep asking if I've cut my hair, or saying I look different. I was even asked if I had gone overseas, because I appeared more tanned. I get the hair comment, because the way I've clipped it makes it appear shorter, but I wore it like that last term too. I even get the tanned thing, cause one of my shirts is pastel pink and so much lighter than the colours I normally wear, making me appear less pale.

It is kinda nice but kinda strange too. I'm also wearing tinted moisturizer, but I wouldn't expect that to make much difference. meh.

I went after lunch to check on PE teachers. I like to do PE last on a Thursday and I have a free period then and they are just doing "modular" PE. I needed to check if it was a theory lesson or not. I was assured that it can not be, for me. Yay! Also went to check on another teacher who I had glimpsed at briefing but she had a class. I stuck my head in anyway and waved. She started trying to convince me to do some aerobics with them... ah, not in my Docs! Then she got me to show my Docs to them. They're a Y9 class so you can be a bit silly with them. I wandered off after a bit and she came out to ask me what I wanted. I said I just wanted to say Hi and she gave me a hug. That made me happy.

Enough rambling.

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July 23, 2005

We are not the girliest of girls

So, on Thursday I cancelled all plans and stayed at home in my PJs all day. I'm a bit sad about that because I was looking forward to all the stuff I had planned. I should have done my marking then, but I didn't and I still haven't. So there!

On Friday Chelle and I were the only people up for the road trip, but we went for it and drove to PNorth. Nothing exciting there, except we packed lunches and they were good! I got to have chippies in my sandwich too!

We barely even went into PNorth really, just went to ezibuy and while we tried on many many things, we didn't spend that much, I think I spent $43 and Chelle spent in the 30s. We were very good. I bought some fun stuff and I do not know where I will wear it. Maybe for Larps or something. I'm pretty sure I'll wear one item next Sat at Evie's.

We ate our lunch in the car, it was windy, then we went north to Bulls and I got extrememly salty liquorice! I like it, but next time probably won't get such salty stuff. I also got some advocaat toffees and I like those too. In Bulls we also went to the Scully's store and I spent more there than at Ezibuy. I mostly bought presents.

Everything was fine on the way back, until my car started making a really weird thumping noise. We slowed and pulled over (to the consternation of the following traffic). The rear right tire had blown out! Now, I wasn't concerned to start with. I have changed tires before, my Dad made sure I knew how. I got the equipment out. I jacked the car up. I attempted to remove the hub cap. I tried it a different way. I tugged and pried at the cap. Chelle also heaved at it. We even both tried at the same time. This thing was not moving. Not a whit! I was gettin tired, we were getting late, so I caved and called the AA.

Gah, she didn't seem to understand where we were and she said it would be at least 30 minutes before anyone came. Fine, I said. I walked back to the wheel. Chelle had been working on it, but still nothing. I got frustrated and stuck in the pry and somehow got it. I prised off the hub cap and we changed the wheel in about 5 minutes. Chelle called the AA to cancel our distress call. For some reason they thought we were on SH3?! Good thing we didn't wait.

Nothing else freaky happened and we drove back to Wgtn without incident. Got to Mercury in time to see Baby's first visit to a bar. Was very jealous of everyone else's baby time. I'm sorry for being evil, esp to Sass. He just seemed to like her holding him so much! No excuse really. Went home shortly after that, did stop by Reading to hang out with N while she fed and changed bub. We were all horrified by the fact that some women/girls seem to think of the parent room as their own private toilet. Really terrible, I wouldn't even think of going there.

Got home and ate baked beans. I like them so I'm happy. Spent some quality TV watching time with muggle and went to bed earlyish. Good start for the last days of the holiday.

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July 18, 2005

Nature gone wild.

Not that exciting I'm afraid. I, like most others, had an awesome time at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a pity that others couldn't come (eg the Mangels, Evie and Jarrat etc), but if they had come the hilarity that was possibly the highlight would not have occured. It is the kind of silliness that only occurs when there is a group of only females hanging out together.

It isn't that thrilling, it is just that we were hanging out and gossiping and walking when confronted by a purple and blue polyprop wearing male. He said "Hi", we noticed his height, his smile and his official jacket and replied.

See, perfectly innocent, except that some of us noticed that he was pretty easy on the eyes and others didn't and we all noticed the purple polyprops and we (well ok I) was laughing and discussing this when he reappeared. I was a little flustered and embarassed and afraid that he had heard me mocking the tights. So when he asked if we had been there before (and explained how he was a guide) I replied "No". Very clearly, very loudly, very untruthfully!

I realised this almost straightaway and even more crazily corrected myself (like he would have known). He wandered off again to look after other mad tourists and we kept on going and talking and in my case wondering why I was crazy and an automatic lier. We walked to and fro and eventually the path split and Sass went one way and we went the next and now I was wondering out loud why I would lie when confronted with such a straightforward question, when we turned a corner and there he was!

This time I managed to talk semi-intelligently and he pointed out the bell-bird he was watching and then we looked diligently and we walked together and we got to see a couple of stitch-birds (Hihi). Very cool as this is the only place on the mainland that you can see them. I used my Bio-teacher knowledge and pretended to know about nature and stuff. Sass tired of waiting for us and wandered back and found us still with the guide. He then wandered off and we kept going. We saw ducks. More than one type! We also eventually got to see Kaka, but that was the end of the guided adventures.

Sure, to you reading this it doesn't seem exciting, but at the time there was giggling, sideways looks, teasing and double entendre. In other words, we had a grand old time.

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Let me count the ways

I realised when it is that I most miss my Beau. When it is that I really notice that he is not there. When I am not just alone, but feel a pang of loneliness.

It isn't in my bed at night. It isn't when I'm out with friends. It isn't sitting in the lounge. It isn't when I talk with Svend..s (I couldn't resist the rhyme!).

It is when I say good-bye and walk away or close the door. I know that I'm not walking with him and I know that I am not walking to him. So, I miss him.

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July 12, 2005


Recently I was talking to a single friend and they were a bit sad about being single (having been so for a time) while others around them were getting psyched up about their relationships. I got it, but not that much because I am all psyched up about Beau and I and how serious we are. However, the security system that surrounded me has come down.

Beau is far away and I am by nature insecure about our relationship. I don't think I'm good enough or something. That was ok though, he emails me relatively frequently and he so obviously misses and wants to be with me and I know that I miss him desperately. However, there have been stirrings in others relationships. Dangerous stirrings, that shake my foundations.

I worry for them, I worry for Beau and I, I worry for other couples that appear to be ok but who are maybe just private and not sharing their problems with me. I don't even know why I'm posting this, except that I want it out of me.

Feel free not to comment. I hope that all relationships you have are stable and successful, and that if they are not, that you survive and don't give up on the future.

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July 05, 2005

It will never End

There are still 3 more days until the holidays. The school is restless. ARGH!

Some good things about the week so far:

I tidied the house (not much though) and had people over.

I did RPing and while I didn't actually do that much in the game, I wrote up my first "story of magic use" for my character and people praised me for it. Ahhh Praise!

I got more praise today, when for staff reflection I talked about "my Dad". Apparently it answered alot of questions. I talked for about 5 minutes and I wonder what the questions were. One of my workmates said it also raised some and he'd think about it and write them down for me. Cool. I'm glad my reflection was so interesting to people. I guess it is always interesting when you have seen someone, day in, day out and you get to hear something about what made them. I even got some laughs, so that is good.

Yesterday a friend did her reflection on her arm. It had gotten paralysed after an accident and she talked about how that effected her and how she dealt with it and worked on it until it worked again, although not quite perfectly. I like it when people really share about themselves. Today she asked me to give her a back rub. I'd given her one the other day and it had been good, so she asked me again. She has a sore back, it wasn't out of no-where!

I got an email from my Beau and he loves and misses me. I am waiting and waiting for him to come back. Only 8 weeks to go! I want to cuddle him and plan for the future. I need to know if I need to book leave for his graduation. I need to know if I have to make space for him in my room!

Writing down the good things makes me feel better.


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