July 28, 2005


Don't have anything to say, but I feel like it's about time I blogged again. It is a month today until Beau gets back, but that is still too long away for me to get excited. It is *ages*!

I am supposed to be sewing some skirts for costumes for the school production, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I am slack. They are doing the Taming of the Shrew. I think there is going to be some hip-hop dancing in it! If people are interested, it is on next week.

On Saturday morning I might go with my friend Camel up north. There is a shoe factory store there and they are having a sale! That evening I have a Larp to go to. I might also get to see Animation now! I am looking forward to Saturday.

School is good, but a bit mad as the "Poly Fest" is on Friday. The Samoan group's Sa-sa (sp?) is amazing! Sooo intricate and just awesome. I'm going to watch some of the dress rehearsal tomorrow.

Today I am dropping by Jenni's to give her some books I ordered for her in APRIL! They have taken that long to arrive! The were back-ordered, but still, Madman were slack about getting them in. They initially told me it'd be about 3 weeks! Also, have to find a top I said I'd get for her.

I'm back on the trademe horse and bought a "chicken-fillet" bra and a pedometer and a book of knitting patterns! oh dear. No more trade me for me for a while. Still the whole lot comes to about $40, so it isn't too bad.

I have to go buy some fresh fruit and veg now. Sass isn't going to be home for dinner and McDonalds is calling me.... it's so bad and I still want it. I even have vouchers!

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