July 25, 2005

Back for winter?

1st day back at school. It's kinda nice and kinda really not. Students are funny but not as crazy as they were at the end of last term. Thank goodness!

I'm wearing new tops today and have my hair in a clip rather than braided and I'm also not wearing my glasses. People keep asking if I've cut my hair, or saying I look different. I was even asked if I had gone overseas, because I appeared more tanned. I get the hair comment, because the way I've clipped it makes it appear shorter, but I wore it like that last term too. I even get the tanned thing, cause one of my shirts is pastel pink and so much lighter than the colours I normally wear, making me appear less pale.

It is kinda nice but kinda strange too. I'm also wearing tinted moisturizer, but I wouldn't expect that to make much difference. meh.

I went after lunch to check on PE teachers. I like to do PE last on a Thursday and I have a free period then and they are just doing "modular" PE. I needed to check if it was a theory lesson or not. I was assured that it can not be, for me. Yay! Also went to check on another teacher who I had glimpsed at briefing but she had a class. I stuck my head in anyway and waved. She started trying to convince me to do some aerobics with them... ah, not in my Docs! Then she got me to show my Docs to them. They're a Y9 class so you can be a bit silly with them. I wandered off after a bit and she came out to ask me what I wanted. I said I just wanted to say Hi and she gave me a hug. That made me happy.

Enough rambling.

Point of Fashion: Ballerina
Current Obsession: New clothes

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