August 02, 2005


Ugh, I keep being busy and tired.

This weekend I have 2 social things to go to:

One on Friday, which is cocktailing and probably dinner and finally seeing and catching up with Ginger who went to Japan as a JET 2 years ago! She is returned and must be cuddled.

Another on Sat which is a friend's birthday, but I am thinking I might not go. It's probably going to have heaps of people there, some who I'll know and won't have seen for ages, which is why I want to go, but I'm so tired and just want a quiet evening. I might go early and only for a little while, 'cause I do wanna wish Hix Happy B'day and I do wanna see others from the 48hr crew, but I also want to blob and not do much. I also want to start on my dress that I bought fabric and pattern for weeks ago!

Talking of sewing, I still have to finish the skirts I said I'd make for the school production. I must finish these tonight, so after school I am going straight home to do that. Then I'm gonna pick up Billy, my cousin's three yo and take him with me to see the Polyfest performance that is happening at school. Should be cool! I think he'll like it. Miss Mangle actually saw some of a practice and she seemed to like it, so did Kero. In fact A told me that Kero didn't want to leave while they were practising!

This week I'm going to try a hip-hop class on Wed. If I like it I might start taking it every week. I am so busy!

In September I will be performing every weekend in the Gondoliers. So I hope people don't get all sociable and plan heaps of stuff. I've already got plans for next weekend too.

A friend of mine is moving back to wgtn and she is all, Yay, we'll be able to hang out soon. All I can think is When??? I'm worrying I won't even see my Beau much. On the plus side, once Gondoliers is over, I'm going to feel like I have HEAPS of free time! yay!

Posted by giffy at August 2, 2005 03:08 PM