July 18, 2005

Nature gone wild.

Not that exciting I'm afraid. I, like most others, had an awesome time at the Karori Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a pity that others couldn't come (eg the Mangels, Evie and Jarrat etc), but if they had come the hilarity that was possibly the highlight would not have occured. It is the kind of silliness that only occurs when there is a group of only females hanging out together.

It isn't that thrilling, it is just that we were hanging out and gossiping and walking when confronted by a purple and blue polyprop wearing male. He said "Hi", we noticed his height, his smile and his official jacket and replied.

See, perfectly innocent, except that some of us noticed that he was pretty easy on the eyes and others didn't and we all noticed the purple polyprops and we (well ok I) was laughing and discussing this when he reappeared. I was a little flustered and embarassed and afraid that he had heard me mocking the tights. So when he asked if we had been there before (and explained how he was a guide) I replied "No". Very clearly, very loudly, very untruthfully!

I realised this almost straightaway and even more crazily corrected myself (like he would have known). He wandered off again to look after other mad tourists and we kept on going and talking and in my case wondering why I was crazy and an automatic lier. We walked to and fro and eventually the path split and Sass went one way and we went the next and now I was wondering out loud why I would lie when confronted with such a straightforward question, when we turned a corner and there he was!

This time I managed to talk semi-intelligently and he pointed out the bell-bird he was watching and then we looked diligently and we walked together and we got to see a couple of stitch-birds (Hihi). Very cool as this is the only place on the mainland that you can see them. I used my Bio-teacher knowledge and pretended to know about nature and stuff. Sass tired of waiting for us and wandered back and found us still with the guide. He then wandered off and we kept going. We saw ducks. More than one type! We also eventually got to see Kaka, but that was the end of the guided adventures.

Sure, to you reading this it doesn't seem exciting, but at the time there was giggling, sideways looks, teasing and double entendre. In other words, we had a grand old time.

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