August 30, 2005

Why I am still missing him

Beau got back on Sunday, which is good. He is staying with me, which is very good, but G&S has just kicked into it's top gear and I am hardly seeing him at all! Which is bad.

Worst of all was Yesterday.

Yesterday we got up early in the morning and got ready for school and I dropped him off at 7.40am and went to school where I worked until 3.20pm.

After school I had a course at TCol to attend. A bio teachers one and it was fine, but involved too much lecuring. I am too tired at 4.30pm on an afternoon to listen to someone lecture me about how I could be intergrating Environmental Ed into my Bio teaching. Especially when I'm not actually teaching Bio this year! The worst thing is that the woman spent most of her time telling us that we should be intergrating it rather than telling us how to intergrate it. Most bio teachers would be happy too, but it is more effort for us to create resources and link to the curriculum and to implement them in our schools. So much more likely to get us to do it if you give us Achievement standards it relates to and activities we could actually use!!

Anyhoo, that lasted until a bit after 6. Beau texted me and said he was in town and did I want to have dinner with him before I went to my next appointment. Namely G&S Tech rehearsal. Of Course I wanted to! But I also needed to get back to the Hutt, pick up something I'd forgotten at school, get some dinner and find the Little Theatre by 7. SO no dinner with Beau. He texted me and said he'd got a treat for me anyway. I imagined a chocolate bar and smiled.

Tech rehearsals suck time like no other thing on earth. I did not leave until well after 11pm. Had to get home, have shower and scrub off stage make up. Beau was peacefully asleep and all over my side of the bed. He woke up enough to move over for me and cuddle me. I also saw my treat on my chest of drawers. Baklava!

This morning I was very slow to wake up, but my Beau was a complete honey. He moved my Baklava to near my bag, got fruit ready for my lunch and made my breakfast.

I hope I get to spend a decent time with him tonight, after parent-teacher interviews, so that I can tell how much I do appreciate him. If I don't get enough time, I hope he reads it here. Because tonight is one of our last chances to spend time together until Sunday!

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August 28, 2005


Beau is back and I am happy.

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August 24, 2005

Daily confused

I keep forgetting what day of the week it is. Monday felt like a Tuesday, Tuesday felt like both a Monday and a Wednesday and today feels like nothing. Luckily I haven't forgotten any classes or anything, so that is one plus.

Jenni's talk of Dance Mats makes me want to use mine. I don't really want to go out on Friday, but I could be tempted by dance mat action. I think I just don't feel like going into town. I do feel like having a few drinks though. So I would either have to be at home or get a ride home or stay over. I also have a waxing appointment at 8pm, but I can probably change the time for that.

Can someone organise my life?

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August 22, 2005

Lack of Technology leads to Fears being over come.

Today I was on Reflection and it is the start of language week, so I was going to start with a Thai phrase and then move onto the Godoliers. With me translating and then playing a recording of one of the songs "Buon Giorno Signorine". However, I didn't have a copy of the song that I could use. Many reasons for this, the 3 big ones are:

1) Forgot to ask Sok earlier for the CD back
2) Had no blank CDs handy
3) Didn't actually check that it was on my iPOD! Idiot!!

Anyhoo, so, instead of me just reading the lyrics and the translations, I got up in front of all the staff and sang all the parts unaccompanied. Brrr!

I felt the fear, but I didn't have another reflection organised and I just decided, Giffy, Get Over It. If I want to get more serious with my singing I have to stop fearing singing in front of crowds! So, yeah. I did it and I have recieved that praise and I should stop slacking off at the computer and go and actually plan what I am teaching next!!


6 sleeps to my Beau!!!


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August 19, 2005

Friday... tired

I was pretty chirpy this morning. Then I made a student cry by teasing about my cousin being a red-head. The student is a red-head. It might not have been me. I was pretty shocked anyway. I feel bad about it. No more teasing comments for me!... I don't know how long that will last.

Anyway, I went out and had a yummy morning tea, but when I came back I was really really really tired. Still am. I just want to lay down and go to sleep.

I was talking to some students today about what subjects they should do at school to help them in the subjects they want to do at Uni. It is quite hard convincing kids that if they really want to do Physio, they will need to work really really hard.

Anyway, can't blog anymore, feeling to guilty about the crying thing.

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August 15, 2005

Silly Songs

Yesterday marked two weeks 'til Beau returns and I have begun singing a silly song to myself to the tune of "** sleeps to Santa". Except instead of Santa it's my Beau's name and instead of coming down my chimney he flies back from Hawaii. I still get given presents tho.

Gondoliers practice is starting to get mega serious. I just wish all the leads knew their parts. Yesterday we were told to be there by 1.30 so that we could get changed into our costumes and start doing a complete run-through by 2pm. Ha! Ha-ha! even. The costume people, who knew we were arriving early for them didn't even show up until 1.55pm! Then time was also taken up with getting hair-styles sorted out. Not for pleb chorus like Sok and me (don't tell me I should use "I" there, I shouldn't an english teacher taught me when to and that is not the time).

Still, I went and learned how to do a hair-style for a baby-lead. They were rather sillily teaching them how to do it for each other. Which to me seems like a waste of time. They should be teaching pleb chorus to do it so that it all gets done faster! Anyhoo, I learned how to operate bobby-pins properly. Could be handy for Jenni's wedding. Yay!

One of the leads is mega-flirty. It's fun. He does it equally with all. It's nice to have 'safe' flirting.

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August 08, 2005


After the long G&S practice of doom (it wasn't that bad) I went to Beau's parents house and visited with them for a while. As arranged my Beau called me and talked to me and we were both happy. I also found out that his sister got engaged and no-one told me! I don't have anyone specific to blame for that as they all assume someone else told me. Altho I suspect Svend wouldn't have thought of telling me at all so maybe any accusatory stares should be focussed at him.

There was a funny moment at dinner (I stayed for that as well, lamb chops!) when Beau's Mum was saying she should have asked Beau about the engagement rings. Now, I knew she was talking about his sister and her fiancé's rings, but his Dad didn't and asked if it was inappropriate for her to talk about that when I had been in the room when she and Beau were talking! He thought she was talking about a ring for me! Ahhhh.

Mostly Beau and I just talked about how we missed each other and made nonsensical plans for when he arrives. For example, he thinks he will learn to drive and get his restricted before he graduates. In November! I doubt that a whole lot. He has been talking about getting it done for a long time (read "years") and needs to get a car to learn in and someone to teach him first. He has yet to organise either!

I'm sad that I'm going to be soo busy with the Gondoliers when he returns, but on the plus side he arrives on a Sunday and starts at the hospital the next day. The hospital near my school, i.e. he will arrive and come and stay with me for about a month. Yay! So even though we will both be busy, we will at least be busy together.

I'm trying not to anticipate his arrival too much as it will make it seem much further away if I count days... but, it is 20 days til he returns!

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August 06, 2005


Yay, had fun at Evie's today with HP and KT. Originally, I was just going to take HP, but I called her up and heard that KT was there. I know that KT is crafty and has been knitting so I asked if she wanted to come too, and she did!

I'm really happy I invited her (without telling Evie or Jarrat) as I don't know her that well and she is super cool! Also, she did a mini Tea ceremony for us! Super cool! Jarrat and her made us Soba and we ate them up! yum!

HP finished Evie's wrist warmers while she was there and so Evie got immediate wrist gratification right there! I managed to knit up a ball of the scarf, so only about 3 to go (it is big). I just need to sit down and do the rest. Evie worked on neopet fan art and showed off her latest completed piece. Pretty pirate! Jarrat and KT mostly worked in the kitchen and 'twas very, very good for everyone.

I mostly organised this craft day for me to do some work on a dress I'm supposed to be making and I did none of that! I'll just have to organise another one. I am sooo not unhappy about that.

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August 05, 2005

Unadulterated Relief

Beau emailed me last night to say that he has a job lined up in Wellington for next year. Ahhhhhhh.

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August 02, 2005


Ugh, I keep being busy and tired.

This weekend I have 2 social things to go to:

One on Friday, which is cocktailing and probably dinner and finally seeing and catching up with Ginger who went to Japan as a JET 2 years ago! She is returned and must be cuddled.

Another on Sat which is a friend's birthday, but I am thinking I might not go. It's probably going to have heaps of people there, some who I'll know and won't have seen for ages, which is why I want to go, but I'm so tired and just want a quiet evening. I might go early and only for a little while, 'cause I do wanna wish Hix Happy B'day and I do wanna see others from the 48hr crew, but I also want to blob and not do much. I also want to start on my dress that I bought fabric and pattern for weeks ago!

Talking of sewing, I still have to finish the skirts I said I'd make for the school production. I must finish these tonight, so after school I am going straight home to do that. Then I'm gonna pick up Billy, my cousin's three yo and take him with me to see the Polyfest performance that is happening at school. Should be cool! I think he'll like it. Miss Mangle actually saw some of a practice and she seemed to like it, so did Kero. In fact A told me that Kero didn't want to leave while they were practising!

This week I'm going to try a hip-hop class on Wed. If I like it I might start taking it every week. I am so busy!

In September I will be performing every weekend in the Gondoliers. So I hope people don't get all sociable and plan heaps of stuff. I've already got plans for next weekend too.

A friend of mine is moving back to wgtn and she is all, Yay, we'll be able to hang out soon. All I can think is When??? I'm worrying I won't even see my Beau much. On the plus side, once Gondoliers is over, I'm going to feel like I have HEAPS of free time! yay!

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