August 30, 2005

Why I am still missing him

Beau got back on Sunday, which is good. He is staying with me, which is very good, but G&S has just kicked into it's top gear and I am hardly seeing him at all! Which is bad.

Worst of all was Yesterday.

Yesterday we got up early in the morning and got ready for school and I dropped him off at 7.40am and went to school where I worked until 3.20pm.

After school I had a course at TCol to attend. A bio teachers one and it was fine, but involved too much lecuring. I am too tired at 4.30pm on an afternoon to listen to someone lecture me about how I could be intergrating Environmental Ed into my Bio teaching. Especially when I'm not actually teaching Bio this year! The worst thing is that the woman spent most of her time telling us that we should be intergrating it rather than telling us how to intergrate it. Most bio teachers would be happy too, but it is more effort for us to create resources and link to the curriculum and to implement them in our schools. So much more likely to get us to do it if you give us Achievement standards it relates to and activities we could actually use!!

Anyhoo, that lasted until a bit after 6. Beau texted me and said he was in town and did I want to have dinner with him before I went to my next appointment. Namely G&S Tech rehearsal. Of Course I wanted to! But I also needed to get back to the Hutt, pick up something I'd forgotten at school, get some dinner and find the Little Theatre by 7. SO no dinner with Beau. He texted me and said he'd got a treat for me anyway. I imagined a chocolate bar and smiled.

Tech rehearsals suck time like no other thing on earth. I did not leave until well after 11pm. Had to get home, have shower and scrub off stage make up. Beau was peacefully asleep and all over my side of the bed. He woke up enough to move over for me and cuddle me. I also saw my treat on my chest of drawers. Baklava!

This morning I was very slow to wake up, but my Beau was a complete honey. He moved my Baklava to near my bag, got fruit ready for my lunch and made my breakfast.

I hope I get to spend a decent time with him tonight, after parent-teacher interviews, so that I can tell how much I do appreciate him. If I don't get enough time, I hope he reads it here. Because tonight is one of our last chances to spend time together until Sunday!

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