August 22, 2005

Lack of Technology leads to Fears being over come.

Today I was on Reflection and it is the start of language week, so I was going to start with a Thai phrase and then move onto the Godoliers. With me translating and then playing a recording of one of the songs "Buon Giorno Signorine". However, I didn't have a copy of the song that I could use. Many reasons for this, the 3 big ones are:

1) Forgot to ask Sok earlier for the CD back
2) Had no blank CDs handy
3) Didn't actually check that it was on my iPOD! Idiot!!

Anyhoo, so, instead of me just reading the lyrics and the translations, I got up in front of all the staff and sang all the parts unaccompanied. Brrr!

I felt the fear, but I didn't have another reflection organised and I just decided, Giffy, Get Over It. If I want to get more serious with my singing I have to stop fearing singing in front of crowds! So, yeah. I did it and I have recieved that praise and I should stop slacking off at the computer and go and actually plan what I am teaching next!!


6 sleeps to my Beau!!!


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