August 08, 2005


After the long G&S practice of doom (it wasn't that bad) I went to Beau's parents house and visited with them for a while. As arranged my Beau called me and talked to me and we were both happy. I also found out that his sister got engaged and no-one told me! I don't have anyone specific to blame for that as they all assume someone else told me. Altho I suspect Svend wouldn't have thought of telling me at all so maybe any accusatory stares should be focussed at him.

There was a funny moment at dinner (I stayed for that as well, lamb chops!) when Beau's Mum was saying she should have asked Beau about the engagement rings. Now, I knew she was talking about his sister and her fiancé's rings, but his Dad didn't and asked if it was inappropriate for her to talk about that when I had been in the room when she and Beau were talking! He thought she was talking about a ring for me! Ahhhh.

Mostly Beau and I just talked about how we missed each other and made nonsensical plans for when he arrives. For example, he thinks he will learn to drive and get his restricted before he graduates. In November! I doubt that a whole lot. He has been talking about getting it done for a long time (read "years") and needs to get a car to learn in and someone to teach him first. He has yet to organise either!

I'm sad that I'm going to be soo busy with the Gondoliers when he returns, but on the plus side he arrives on a Sunday and starts at the hospital the next day. The hospital near my school, i.e. he will arrive and come and stay with me for about a month. Yay! So even though we will both be busy, we will at least be busy together.

I'm trying not to anticipate his arrival too much as it will make it seem much further away if I count days... but, it is 20 days til he returns!

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