August 15, 2005

Silly Songs

Yesterday marked two weeks 'til Beau returns and I have begun singing a silly song to myself to the tune of "** sleeps to Santa". Except instead of Santa it's my Beau's name and instead of coming down my chimney he flies back from Hawaii. I still get given presents tho.

Gondoliers practice is starting to get mega serious. I just wish all the leads knew their parts. Yesterday we were told to be there by 1.30 so that we could get changed into our costumes and start doing a complete run-through by 2pm. Ha! Ha-ha! even. The costume people, who knew we were arriving early for them didn't even show up until 1.55pm! Then time was also taken up with getting hair-styles sorted out. Not for pleb chorus like Sok and me (don't tell me I should use "I" there, I shouldn't an english teacher taught me when to and that is not the time).

Still, I went and learned how to do a hair-style for a baby-lead. They were rather sillily teaching them how to do it for each other. Which to me seems like a waste of time. They should be teaching pleb chorus to do it so that it all gets done faster! Anyhoo, I learned how to operate bobby-pins properly. Could be handy for Jenni's wedding. Yay!

One of the leads is mega-flirty. It's fun. He does it equally with all. It's nice to have 'safe' flirting.

Point of Fashion: Skinny Layers
Current Obsession: Bobby Pins

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