September 29, 2005

Virtues and Sins

Reasons to Feel Virtuous
Got up at 7 and it is holidays!
Remembered to pick up parcel from courier depot for Beau.
Replied to some emails.
Did Laundry.
Cleaned the Bathroom and toilet!!
Weighed myself and it was ok!
Finished reading a book.

Reasons to Feel Sinful
Went back to bed when I got back from errands.
Bought 4 things for self from Bakery and ate them all.
Am still in pajamas.
Got irrationally annoyed at someones blog.
Spent too long looking at corsets online and have discovered that it is cheaper to buy a Vollers corset from FairyGothMother than it is to buy it from Vollers!!
It was a Jodi Picoult Book. Ok, not that sinful.

Point of Fashion: I am shellfish
Current Obsession: What will happen in Auckland? What will happen in Wellington while I am away in Auckland? Noone ever tells me anything.

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September 27, 2005


Had a zombie dream last night. Was in big place, possibly a hospital and the zombies were coming. They didn't seem to rip or eat people but they did seem to turn you into one. Everyone was running, running away. Upstairs and down them.

I was hidden for a while with some other women. We had secret tunnels, but some men found us and took us captive. We escaped from them later on, but the zombies were still after us. Ended up running up flights of stairs knowing that eventually I'd reach the top and have to turn around and get past them some how.

Spent sometime comtemplating hiding, in a box, or cupboard or under a desk, but knew that if I did that, I would be trapped and wouldn't be able to tell what was going on. I woke up worrying that everyone was zombies except for me. Cuddled into Beau, but had residual fear that he would wake up zombiefied.


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September 20, 2005


Today, while handing back an exam, I had a student ask me if the comment I had written on her paper "good discussing" was sarcastic! It totally wasn't! I am much more likely to be harsh ie "nonsense, irrelevant" than sarcastic! That would just be confusing. They just couldn't believe they had gotten a good remark that wasn't "Good" or "well done".


Also, If I posted up a question from our 5th form exam, would you comment and answer? I could do it on LJ and make it so that people couldn't see the comments. I'm curious.

POF & CO same as earlier.

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Marginally Coherent

I went and saw a preview screening of Serenity last night and I loved it. I'm sad that there is only half a series of Firefly and then the movie. Angel and Buffy both had such long runs and I want more!

More of Mal and the Crew. More the the world to see! The Blue Sun has not been explained. What did Shepard Book used to do? What will happen to them all???

I think Jarrat probably described the movie best. It was like getting to see a series all in one go. It was awesome.

Other things that made it awesome, but are unrelated to the actual movie:
-Shindig, seeing people that I feel like I haven't seen for ages
-Costumes! Feeling all pretty and golden and having people tell me that I was. It was nice to wear make-up and clothes that don't make me look worse than I normally do (ie Gondoliers).
-Prizes! I won a poster and a book voucher! So did others. I think I may put my voucher towards buying the book that Frank and JJ won.
-Hugs and kithes too!
-Toffee Apple Shaker.
-The huge black cloak I borrowed. So cool! I want one!

After the movie, I feel even less like being at school. Only 3 and a half days to go. Phew. I want the holidays soo badly. I want sleeping in and doing nothing time. I want the bathroom to be cleaned! I don't want to do another set of Gondoliers performances in Palmerston North, but I will.

Point of Fashion: Ward against Cold
Current Obsession: Lasting 6 more days.

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September 18, 2005

Not quite the same


Most exciting election ever! Then, anticlimax.

Swans gliding across a still black lake, ripples floating behind. It is dark behind the curtain.

Spinning skirts, dizzy world, I watch from above.

Why did I think she might have changed?

Do they notice I'm not there?

Sweetness, a new friendship enfurling.

Avoiding, delaying, procrastination.

Excitement over Monday.

3 Shows to Go!

Thank you so much for coming and supporting me. For telling me I was fabulous.

I am ungrateful. I do love the flowers.

Sometimes I think I'm broken.

Do Laundry! It isn't hard.

I adore Keladry Mindelan.

I do want to know what made her cry.

Carnations are the cheap mans rose... but they smell so sweet!

Dad's birthday on Thursday. He will be back next month. Rejoice.

I think I want to do Tai Chi.

Was it me not understanding his mumbling, or him not understanding mine?

He kicked me in the knee! I rolled away.

Weird dream, Secret Swingers Club, with unexpected people running it.

She has become tiny! Her hugs are still big.

When is Beau coming home?

Apparently last night I hit him the hardest yet! Will he admit that it hurt?

I want kransky. There is some in the fridge.

I *need* new shoes for tomorrow and a way to curl my hair.

What will happen after the Gondoliers?

I thought I saw my Mum in the Audience, realised in the second act that it wasn't her at all!

Jenni's present is in a bag in my bedroom. Just thought I'd taunt her a little. :)

Time to hang up clothes... or push the bus.

Point of Fashion: Comfort
Current Obession: Serenity

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September 16, 2005

Thoughts from the past 24 hours

She does try to please... herself.

I need more clothes, I have too many.

On the bottom shelf, a hairy hairbrush stands guard.

Emily is a saucy wench.

How much natural glow is too much?

Just. Go. Away.

How do I feel about porn?

The thing about gossip is that sometimes you wish you had never heard it.

Why didn't they tell us earlier?!

Thank goodness, if her class gets such bad marks, I'm not a bad teacher.

Doing nothing seems like effort.

mmmm Massage.

Will noone pass?

Is it weird to keep looking up corsets on the internet?

I really should enroll in the Millinery course. What if they are already full up?

I don't like you.

Sounds screechy, may be too much strain.

Will I ever be as talented?

I kinda hate it, but if I cut it I will miss the compliments.

I want to go away and be able to afford it.

The wind is being playful and keeps trying to see what knickers I have on.

I look like a doll-slash-prostitute.

I'd like to say that I'll never tell.

Should I feel bad about having had McDonald's 3 times this week?

I hope I feel like teaching again.

Do I look as tired as I feel, or do I always look this way?

Time alone with you would be so good.

Point of Fashion: Undressed hair
Current Obsession: Who cares anyway

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September 11, 2005

Half way there

Paraparaumu season is over. Had a fun time and am very tired.

Some stuff:

Matt and Debz may be the best hosts ever. I am far from the best guest. I keep bringing others along with me!

I teared up a couple of times during the shows because the audience is mainly made up of grey and white heads and I couldn't stop thinking that if Granny and Grandpa were still alive, they would be out there watching me and enjoying it! I mentioned this to others and it may have infected a couple of other people too!

I love the Lindale farm Saturday Farmers Market. Yummiest pate in the world = smoked chicken and cranberry. Also, the Celtic Vineyard have a stall there.

The weather was magic this weekend and I spent too much of it indoors and didn't do any laundry. Did walk to the beach twice though.

I missed my beau and he sent me a fun text message that cheered me up no end.

I had a terrible dream that I may write-up friend's only on LJ. If I don't, you can ask me about it and I'll tell you.

I am jealous of people who have been doing non-gondoliers stuff, like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or Roller discos, or hanging out at Chelle's. Jealous!

Enough nonsense. Time for home and bed. Thank goodness next week is exam week. Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat will see me busy with Gondoliering. If you want to see me and others performing we are at the Opera house this week.

Point of Fashion: Oversized jeans and hips
Current Obsession: Bedtime

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September 08, 2005

Now away I go...

So I'm in the midst of planning going up to Kapiti for the next installment of the Gondoliers!

After having succumed to sickness, my voice still isn't great. My speaking voice sounds fine, but my singing voice is wishy-washy and unsupported. I should get back to doing my morning exercises, 'cause I've slacked with them this week while feeling unwell. That should help get it back on track.

Tomorrow I will be driving up sok and JJ. We are staying at the wonderfully generous Matt and Debz' house of amazingness. They are busy this weekend too so I hope we don't bother them. I'm kinda worried that we will be pains. So I'm bringing them a present. Phew!

Another thing I worry about is that it will make me as tired as I was this week. That means I will not be up to RPing on Monday. We having played Game for a month and I kinda feel like last time it was partly my fault 'cause I couldn't play then due to a tech rehearsal. I hope it doesn't get cancelled this time!!

Bah, I need a rest. I shall cook butter chicken tonight, oh yes!

In other news, I read "In My Father's Den" last night. I liked it. Don't know if I want to see the movie though.

Point of Fashion: Stripy Socks and Braids
Current Obsession: Surviving the Gondoliers

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September 05, 2005

Just ignore it

I've been feeling sickly since about Wednesday, but managed to mostly ignore it until yesterday. Probably hasn't helped that I haven't been eating well, but I don't have the energy for that either.

Thank goodness for my Beau. He is still keeping up the being totally adorable. On Saturday he vacuumed and cleaned the kitchen. It is already a mess but I know that for a brief time it was clean. The kitchen being messy is another thing that doesn't inspire me to cook.

I really need to clean the bathroom, because I don't think anyone else is going to get rid of the slightly pink stuff on the side of the bath. Maybe they don't see it? Maybe it isn't really there and that is why only I am seeing it. I do know I won't be doing anything about it tonight.

Gondoliers stuff.

Seeing how wrecked I am right now, I worry about the next shows. We have Paraparumu this weekend, then the Opera house, then last weekend is in P North. Thank goodness I have holidays after that. I will probably want to sleep for a week.

It has been so good having friends in the audience. There have been people I know at every show so far.

On Thurs, opening night, the huge school contingent.
On Fri, unexpectedly noticed the Huggy-buggies in the audience. I should call them.
On Sat Day, Frank, Rachel and crew.
On Sat Night, some more school people!

I'm pretty sure this won't be true for the rest of the season, but it has been good so far. I'm hoping I get flowers at the Opera house. Others have recieced some already. It didn't even enter my head until I saw another girl get them.

Today I have had to only teach one class. The rest have had tests. I should be marking tonight, but I plan to mostly just sleep. Ahhh.

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September 02, 2005

Yesterday the Night Opened

First Gondoliers show opened with about a third of the audience being people from my school. It was really neat to have all that support.


Leads are a bit moody due to needing to stay in character.

I still hate the clique of clique-ness and the fact that Sok and I sometimes descend to their level.

I feel fugly in my costume.

We still need to work on our openings.

The orchestra are still too slow and the strings need some work.

It takes about 20 minutes to remove the make-up!

I keep having to stay up late with the show and get up early for school.


One of my students who was there last night wants the cellphone number of the youngest "Gondolier".

Students keep saying that I looked really cute.

Friends and supporters said I was great.

Students yelled out "Go Miss ********!" when we had our bow.

People enjoyed it. Even though it is running quite late.

I've made some really cool and fun new friends with it.

In the changing room we had some rousing rendition of various childhood tv themes.

The point of fashion for my eye-make-up is "Jem and the Holograms".

I've sorted Jenni's Birthday present! It isn't a gondoliers thing, but is to do with someone from the gondoliers.

My voice is sounding soo much better than it did before I started in this production.

Point of Fashion: All About Accessories
Current Obsession: Gondoliers

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