October 31, 2005

Meant to - Shmeant to

There was a bunch of stuff I meant to do this weekend, including hanging out with Jenni, doing laundry, doing weeding, planting bulbs, dying my straw hat, going to tupperware party, spending some time with Beau, walking in Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, finishing wiring my felt hat.

I managed to do some of it. On Friday, when I thought I would do nothing and blob at home or see Beau, I instead went to my workmate's house and had a BBQ dinner and played 2 games of "progressive rummy". I won the 2nd game!

On Sat when I thought I would walk with Sass, go to tupperware at Scarlet's and hang out and have dinner with Jenni. I instead invited Zeph and Tash to walk and tupperware and optioned out of dinner and hanging out with Jenni, to instead hang out a bit with Tasha and have dinner and watch "Corpse Bride" with Beau, Zeph, her hivemind, Muggle and Piripi! After the movie we bumped into some of the others and had hot drinks with them. I learned that I find Chai Latte's a bit too sweet.

After that I dropped Beau off at the hospital and peered in at Katy, but she was asleep. I went home and played on Urbz until after 1am, while waiting for "puzzle pirates" to download. My pirate is called Eleonora.

On Sunday I picked up Beau from the hospital and spent about an hour chatting with now awake Katy. Then Beau and I picked up food from the Moulin Bakery. Sooo good. We ate it and tried doing Saturday's Sudoku and then he went to sleep. I stayed awake playing more Urbz. I probably should have gone to sleep or gotten up properly and done stuff outside.. but... Urbz!!

I did buy the dye for my hat. "Maddona Blue". Wonder what it will look like.

Muggle and Piripi bought us a lawnmower!!

Eventually had to wake Beau up and took him to church. Muggle came along with me and we picked up Nandos for dinner. The service was pretty terrible, but the food was yummy. I managed to do some of the wiring in my hat brim, but still another hour or so of that to do.

Went to bed at 9 and played Urbz until about 11pm.

I don't have any time to catch up on stuff tonight as I must mark 3 classes worth of tests so that we can go over them tomorrow. I won't leave school until at least 2 are done!! Three if possible. That way I might still have time to dye the hat... or play Urbz.

I regret not hanging out with Jenni. I feel like I haven't spent any time with her in forever.

Point of Fashion: Thai Style
Current Obsession: The Urbz: Sims in the City

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October 26, 2005

Lovely Fun Happy Time

I'm pleased, 'cause had Chelle and her Hivemind over yesterday and they seemed to have a good time, although I'm sure I talked too long about hats, especially for Hivemind.

We had roast chicken for dinner made by the lovely Sass, although started by me. They brought around crazy "strawblimey" flavoured ice-cream with sour sherbet-y bits and we also dipped orange pieces into chocolate fondue. I was very full at the end.

I was especially good yesterday 'cause I did the dishes before dinner and also peeled the roast veges and cleaned the bathroom. *pat-pat*. Muggle did the after dinner dishes and Sass tidied the lounge and did the actual roasting and rest of veges part. She is very good at it. Especially the gravy. I am in awe of her gravy-making abilities.

It was fun having just a couple of people over 'cause it meant we could all actually talk to one another. We have plans to try an invite a couple of people around at a time semi-regularly. It is going to take us a while to get through everyone, but it should be worth it. Have to think of other foods we can feed people.

Point of Fashion: Leia buns
Current Obsession: Hats hats hats

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October 25, 2005

Don't blame it on the Sunshine

What did I do on Saturday???

Oh yeah, went to Debz First Production. "And Then There Were None".It was very good! Very mysterious. Based on an Agatha Christie short story. I happily guessed who I thought was the murderer after the 1st act and they were the next to die. Boo. My next guess was on the money, although I wasn't too sure about that for quite a while.

I was especially impressed by the 4th former who played the secretary. They were all amazing and kudos to my fellow TCol class mates who helped get this whole thing up and running and running well.

After that Beau and I had the house to ourselves and ate fish and chips and watched DVDs. Which reminds me that I must return DVDs today.


I was pretty busy. Slept in a fair amount, but managed to finish re-reading The Conjurer (Jack Lasenby, studied it in third form?) do some laundry, pick up Evie and get cash with out being too late to pick up my Kimono!

It is a kimono coat actually and 'cause its old the seams keep splitting. I'm slowly going over them again and putting in splits up the side so that I can walk around relatively normally while wearing it. I also got a beautiful purple silk Obi. I just have to figure out how I can where that. Soo pretty! I must stop trademe-ing for a while though 'cause I'm a bit skint right now. Good thing it is payday today. Must pay off credit card.

Went into Porirua and to fabric store. Saw some suitable "races" material and got some Millinery stuff, ribbon, wax, more needles. While driving around visited at Evie's parental home and saw many, many feathers! Her dad said he'd teach me to make a hat pin. Awesome! I also saw necklaces, many pretties and some uglies too!

After that managed to go to Scarlet's Birthday party, which was a pretty mellow BBQ affair. I wasn't in a very good mood for it unfortunately and I hope I didn't communicate that too much to others. Had some time-out from that to take Beau to church and to visit with Tash and the Patch. They were having their flatwarming! Managed to drag Emba along to that, which was really good, 'cause while I've seen her around I've not talked to her much. After a couple of hours there I took Beau and Emba both home and headed back to Scarlet's, although I still felt a bit distant. Left at the same time as mundens did.

As a side note, one may be able to hypnotise mundens while putting on lipstick.

Felt like Sunday and I really didn't feel like roleplaying, so I'm glad I had decided I wouldn't earlier. I was gonna do weeding with Phreq, but the weather wasn't behaving. She still came over and visited with her lovely Sock. I wasn't very entertaining, but I don't think she'll hold it against me.

Eventually organised myself and visited with Zeph. We had talked about walking, but didn't. We chatted and I finished hand-sewing my hat brim onto the crown! yay! My right index finger now has a small sore bit. It is fading pretty quickly though. I then was allowed to play with and even borrow her nintendo DS, but didn't borrow the adapter and after 30min of playing when I got home, the battery died, so I might go visit and return that to her this week. Boo. Want to play Urbz.

Sass and I did shopping that evening and are all ready for our dinner guests tonight. I need to make sure I don't stay late at school so that I can put the chicken in, peel the roast veges and do some dishes. WOo!!

Point of Fashion: So what if it's sunny, I like being very warm!
Current Obsession: What am I teaching in 2 minutes???

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October 21, 2005

Why is it so grey??

Weather has gone pooey, but that is ok, 'cause it gives me good justification to wear my black hat.

I love my hat, it's basically a black cloche and Beau gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years back. It is pretty much what has inspired me to do the Millinery course I started last week, 'cause it made me realise I quite like hats a lot.

In the millinery course we will make 2 hats, one felt and one straw. Before I'd even started I knew I wanted to make another cloche. I love mine, but it is pretty plain, which is perfect for everyday wear, but I would like something a different colour. Out of the possible colours I've chosen grey.

My black cloche is a mass manufactured one with machine sewing everywhere. It has a pretty large brim for a cloche and the Dome sits a bit low so that sometimes I'm either peering under it, or my collar is pushing it up at the back. My grey will be smaller, brim and dome, so should fit better. I've decided I will probably trim my grey in a maroon-y coloured band with bow and brooch set on one side. I should make that removeable so that I can change my mind about it.

I will probably have finished my hat by next week! I'm really looking forward to it, although I will always love my "birthday hat" 'cause it's my first, I'll love the grey too, 'cause it'll be the first made by me!

Point of Fashion: Cloche Chapeau
Current Obsession: Millinery

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October 19, 2005

Avoiding work

Feeling good. I think it is due to the nice weather and the fact that I've spent some time in it over the past few days. Mainly after I get home doing some weeding and pruning. I have been seriously hacking at some Agapanthus. It is totally suffocating a perfectly innocent rosemary plant. Luckily, even if this one does die, I still have the one that Chelle and J gave me when we first moved in! Hurrah!

I've also been playing a lot on trademe recently. I've bought a kimono coat, some gladioli korms (??) and that hoop skirt. I'm also looking at sparkly brooches and various feathers for my hat making experiment.

What I should be doing is writing my reports! I have three classes worth due in tomorrow and have done none! I have however, entered in all their marks and done all the "ticks" in the appropriate boxes, so I am about 1/3 the way through. I still have to actually write the things. I should do that tonight, I should have done it last night, but I gardened and made dinner and watched CSI instead... I better be good tonight! Maybe, I'll go visit Jenni ;)

Point of Fashion: Red Thai Jacket
Current Obsession: Anything But Reports

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October 16, 2005

Domesticated Goddess

Today I went and picked up Bean's Mum from the airport. She's on her way to Switzerland for her Mum's 80th and staying overnight in Wellington. While I was at Otago, Bean's family really looked after me and I always like having the chance to look after them.

I picked her up and we had lunch in town. Then we drove to my parent's house to visit them. My Dad just got back from his sojourn in Dafur, so it was really good to see him. He dashed out to go look at some cars, but arranged to see us later at my house. We sat down and had tea with Mum and while talking Mum got to *mention* how overweight I am... Rockin'!!! I always *love* that, so did not deal with it very well.

Anywhoo, we eventually made it over to my house and was showing Mama Bean around and we ended up doing gardening! Dad came over and joined in too! We managed to do a fair amount and she gave me lots of advice and it was good. I'm really pleased that we did some stuff. Apparently I have lots of good plants amongst all that grass. I now really need a lawnmower, some round up, a spade and fertiliser.

I know my garden will grow well as it has had a blood sacrifice. I got a 1cm splinter in my thumb! Muggle managed to pull it out with tweezers. Not much fun, but I get to wear a "devil Duck" plaster! Thanks Zephfle!

Point of Fashion: Grubbier than before
Current Obsession: Getting a chance to get Gladioli in!

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I went into school yesterday to enter in marks, but I couldn't find a set and I ran out of time to look for it, so I've come into school today while Beau is at church. However, after looking and not finding the marks I wondered if they actually sat a test at all? They didn't! So I've come into school for nothing! Plus, I can't leave for another 40 minutes anyway.

Oh well.

I'll use the time to play on the internet and maybe start on my reports. They are due Thursday after all. Boo.

In other news, Jenni's birthday party was much fun! I wore the gold sari I bought at Savemart and curled my hair somewhat. Unfortunately that takes me hours! Plus it doesn't even end up that curly! Still, I know I looked good and that is always a boost. I'm just sad I was so late.

Other people also looked awesome, Sass in her Starry-greek-ness, Zeph in her Zoe/Han outfit, Jenni with her awesome jacket-of-doom, Chelle in her bargain dressing gown, Lee in shirt and waist coat combo, Muggle and Piripi in last minute Futurama matchingness. I also rate the blue sun t-shirts highly. Very cool. Scarlet gets her own whole sentence 'cause she did look fabulous, she totally needs to own her own wench dress, although maybe not in PVC 'cause of the sticky.

Point of Fashion: Same old- same old
Current Obsession: Seeing my Dad today!

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October 13, 2005

Having Fun and Feeling Groovy

Much more catchy than Having an Ok Time and Feeling A Bit Run Down.

Taking yesterday off was a good idea. Got some guilt-free sleep in time, because I had relief the day before and had even talked to the reliever, a qualified science teacher about it. I knew it'd be fine.

I tried to do some knitting on this scarf I am doing for my mum. It's wavy, which means it is much harder and more time and brain space consuming than a regular scarf. Got a bit of a head ache while attempting to do it, so only did one "bump" of the wave.

Luckily I didn't get headaches from playing on the computer or watching tv or reading. Not as long as I look away fairly frequently. Can't do that with the knitting 'cause it is tricksy. So, I played many internet games, but not neopet ones, watched some junk on TV and read a book. I do notice that I am a bit sensitive to sounds though. Plus there is a weird bump on my neck. Might be a really horrible strange pimple, or some kind of insect bite. It isn't itchy at all. Sore and red. TMI?

Mum was good and made me some yummy seafood Tom Yum soup. Soo good. I like it when I am sick alot. It is hot and spicy and good. I might see if I can get some more for today. I was also good and drank over 3 litres of liquid! I know this because I filled up my 750mL pump four times, plus drank some non-pump stuff. It was really easy to drink, because I put lemon juice and honey and a little bit of salt into each one. Means I drank the juice of three lemons too! I'll probably drink some more of it tonight.

Beau visited me on Tuesday and he drove there himself! It is a huge step as it is his first time on the motor way. I think he might try to drive over today too, but I might be out at a millinery course! So good!

It's silly 'cause I am seeing him quite alot, but since he's been away and then stayed with me for weeks, I don't like him living all the way on the other side of Wellington. I want him with me!! Not too long to wait I guess.

Point of Fashion: Fending off Sickness
Current Obsession: Strawberrynet.com

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October 10, 2005

Tired and Teary

Not been feeling well for the last few days. I blame school. I must be allergic to it or something. Haven't had any hayfever problems for ages, but today I felt sniffly in the morning and took my spray. It is worse than it has been for ages. I suspect an actual cold! Booo!

I'm feeling down for a couple of reasons including school starting and Beau going back to his parents for his final run. It has also led to a decrease in my feeling attractive. Although, that was somewhat boosted at Jarrat's where several people told me I looked good! However, I am feeling motivated to do some exercise and have gym planned for this afternoon before Game. Am wondering if I'm not feeling too miserable for Game though. Must consider. I won't be any good if I keep snuffling and sneezing and feeling worse.

One thing that has made me feel super awesome is my Zephfi's list of why she loves her Giffy. It makes me feel cherished. So good. Go look at "LJ Peeps" if you wanna see it too.

I feel like I should blog about going away with Miss Scarlet, but there isn't that much to say. It makes it seem too small if I blog about it. It was an amazing peaceful, restful time. We ate fabulous food and talked alot (there was no tv or radio). We also sat quietly together. The weather wasn't all sunny, but it was good enough for us to eat outside as much as we ate inside. We also had a fire one night. The rain also made us feel better about using the tank water. I was not ready to leave when we did. I could have stayed there much longer! Miss Scarlet is a wonderful holiday companion.

Point of Fashion: I thought it would be warmer
Current Obsession: How long until I can breathe through my nose again?

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October 03, 2005

Returned with a thump.

Kinda feel like I wasted a fair amount of my holiday driving to and from Auckland. Feel all weird and tired and kinda sick from having been in a car for 9 hours.

Drove up. Was pretty uneventful and I slept a fair amount of it. Was in car with Aunts and Uncle. Picked my Mum up at the airport and worried about the drive back with 5 people in a 5 seater car. Yikes. Finished 2 books on the drive.

I was also dropped rather uncerimoniously off at a bus stop to figure out the way to Michaela's house. Wasn't actually that bad and while the bus was late the bus driver was very friendly and told me about how he used to work in Upper Hutt for Repco. Michaela welcomed me with a huge hug and felt completely safe. Walked to her place and saw much wonderful costuming and tried on a corset. Lovely! I do want to make my own, but she might be making me one too...

Michaela made me beautiful vegetarian food. Delicious. Looked at many fabulous costuming books. I quite want to have a victorian Jacket. I love the assymetry and the fitting! I'm also quite keen for a natural form ball "dress", but doubt I will actually go to the effort of making one and also doubt that costume stores will have them. Boo!!

Woke up surprisingly early on my own but fell asleep again. Did get up and say Hi to Michaela's Mum as she was up for work. She was also totally welcoming and said I could stay longer. No time though!

Eventually got up properly, but only had time for a shower and breakfast, "South Island Cheese Rolls". Yummy! Caught the Bus to meet Jexia, Otiarstil and Bub in town. We'd hoped for time to look at fabric, but I was too slow for that.

Met them at Britomart. Their Bub, who is just shy of 11 months is a total honey. Plus totally friendly of strangers too! I lugged him around so much that my arms were achey the next day. Had lunch all together at a local food court and chatted in thai to a food court attendee. Michaela eventually left me in J&O's capable care and went in search of a photocopier.

We went and spent much time at Borders. I bought Furuba 6,7 and 8 and Ranma 31 and the Ranma movie on DVD. Yay! Was %15 percent off the lot. Still ended up just under $100. Boo. Also, we spent so long there we thought we didn't think we'd have time to visit other shops before they closed. Why you so spread out Auckland?? So we caught the train to their place.

I'd offered to get dinner, but we couldn't really agree on anywhere, or else they were taking pity on me after my spree at Borders, so Jexia offered to make Nachos! I at least got the ingredients. Sooo Yummy! If she offers you nachos, take them!! In return I tried to get Bub to stand. Alot. He was stubborn though and refused. Unfair!

He did do one totally cute thing though. I was being silly and dancing in the lounge for his amusement and he determinedly crawled to my feet and clinged to me and reached up to be picked up! By me! I'd only met him that day! We danced and he did not want to be put down. If you want a good work out, forget gym or running, try dancing with a laughing baby. Awesome.

Finished night with brainstorming mad idea's for Otiarstil's CV. Ended up thinking desert island treasure as the best.

Caught bus into town to catch bus to family reunion. Was annoyed by daylight savings as meant lost an hour of time with J, O and Bub. As arrived in town it poured down. Tried to figure out how to get there on my own. Didn't succeed and got very wet. After a bit of that, went into the train station and got help from ticketeer. Caught bus and realised I probably hadn't needed to catch 2 buses after all! Gah!

Nevermind. I walked about 30min in the rain due to getting off the bus a bit early. Good thing all my bags have plastic linings. Arrived at the reunion looking like a drowned rat. Not that my mother even noticed. Later on when I was putting on my stuff again to leave she asked me why my jacket was wet!!

The reunion itself was pretty non-exciting. Mostly aimed at Dad's generation I think. They were all cousins. Hardly any of their kids were there. Dad was pretty cut he was missing it. Still on his was back from the Sudan. I did find someone who was married into the family who had gone to school with Beau. NZ=tiny!

Went and stayed with friends of uncle and aunt. They were watching Australian Rugby league that night. Mum cooked a wonderful thai feast. They had a lovely house and an amazing garden. Weirdest thing. They are both teachers and knew that I was on holiday and She asked me if I was still at school. When I said "Yes, I'm a highschool teacher", she was shocked! "You're too young!". Did not want to believe that I'm 25. I think I'm flattered.

Drove back and just spent a chunk of time checking blogs, reading email and writing this beast. Please comment about how you missed me. I know it isn't true, but I like to hear it anyway.

Point of Fashion:Variation on a Theme
Current Obsession:Having a bath and sleeping in my own bed!

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