November 29, 2005

That Cinches It!

I recieved my first corset in the post today, along with a yummy box of biscuits.
Michaela is a fabulous costumer and I am incredibly pleased to have an item made by her, for me!

The corset has its own site! So you can go visit it for what it was made of and how etc. Also there are pictures there.

I put it on in the staffroom first and had some difficulty getting it down over my head. Laced it on over my bra and merino top with the help of some bemused co-workers. So much fun! I'll be picking up a skirt tonight to wear with it to Beau's Grad ball this Friday. yay!

There will be pictures. I may post them or email them to people who want to see them.

Did I mention that Michaela also sent me some cookies?? Best costumer ever!!

Point of Fashion: Corsetted Goodness!
Current and Continuing Obsession: Corsetted Goodness!

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November 25, 2005

Easing in.

I've been kind of put off blogging recently by the amount of spam I've recieved. Grrr! It is soo annoying. I had over 100 in the last week.

Anyhoo, I have been posting a bit on the LJ, hat stuff and the fact the tupperdisease is continuing. I'm hosting a "party" on Saturday. I just *can't* resist mystery gifts!

Good stuff happening:

Corset made by fabulous Michaela is arriving tomorrow.
I've joined the corsetmakers community on LJ and am having heaps of fun reading through their memories. It is really inspiring me to make my own!
Ostrich feathers arrived today. Lovely and fluffy.
I'm looking forward to dressing my straw races hat and making my outfit!
Beau has strongly intimated that I will be proposed to in the near future.

Bad stuff happening:

School is still on and I am writing reports. *Again!*
Beau has strongly intimated that I won't be getting a ring from the place that I want.

**** In case you managed to read this before I deleted stuff out of here. You are not crazy. The list of bad stuff was alot longer, but I've cut it because I don't really want to put it all out there. It was too easy to write. ****

Better Go, Beau and I are going to watch a movie at The Empire movie theatre.

Point of Fashion: Is it winter??
Current Obsession: Too much stuff.

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November 17, 2005

Positive about IRD???

I have been pretty annoyed with IRD recently. They have been screwing me around over paying off my student loan for over a year now.

However, all is forgiven as one of the myriad of people I've had to deal with for student loans actually looked at my past IRD history and found out that IRD owes me over $600 in tax rebates!!! Seriously! It is from 3 different years and since I moved a bunch I didn't get the letters saying they owed me.

I can't really believe it and I probably won't believe it until the cheques arrive. Awesome!

Point of Fashion: Glitter Moko
Current Obsession: $$$

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November 15, 2005

Mother Nature Smiles

On the weekend much gardening was done by all members of the household. It was actually a really nice experience.

There was weeding, there was pruning, there was spraying, there was mowing and there was weed-eating. Our garden looks a bit like a messily plucked chicken!

The week after next we look forward to pulling out many dead plants and then planting new ones!

Gardening seems to be a long and involved process that reveals no instant gratification. However, today, two weeks after planting them, I saw that my gladioli are coming up!!


Point of Fashion: Return of the pants-upsters
Current Obsession: Growth

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November 09, 2005

Exams Loom!

All the Seniors are finally finished with school as of 3.20pm today. Phew!

Yesterday was prizegiving and I have never been to one before! I didn't go to the ones at old WGC and I missed last years one to attend Beau's Grandma's Rosary.

There was sooo much crying! Crying from Y13's who are leaving, crying from the 2006 head and deputy-head girls, crying from students who recieved awards that were completely unexpected. The look of shock on the face of a girl who didn't realise she was getting something is completely fabulous. I was "blessed" by a Y12 I teach who got Honours in RE :) I was hugged many times.

The hugging continued into today. Y12s hugged me while telling me the positions they had recieved in their school "houses". I was given a present from one Y11 who said they liked my teaching style and described it as sarcastic in the same sentence!?? 2 other students waited until the end of class and told me I had to stay there and wait 2 min. They ran off, ran back and gave me a little box of roses chocolates! They then stood around chatting to me for the whole of their interval until I finally said, "do you want a hug?".. "YES!!" big arms open and big hugs. Finally we could all leave class.

Other students have threatened/promised me a visit at my home in the school holidays where we will be eating pizza. Another student, who is leaving school, made sure that I would write on her shirt. I think her parents might be making a mistake moving her to a new school, but I hope soo much that she will do even better there... if possible!

Exams have driven them mad, I just hope it drives them to study. They know I will be at school each day for the rest of the term, just in case they need the extra tuition. The majority of them do need it.

Point of Fashion: Black and Pink
Current Obsession: Good-byes

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November 08, 2005

Here's Hoping Sayings are False.

Three Times a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride.

What about if all those three times occur in one year? On Sunday, Tash asked me to be a bridesmaid to her and the Patch's wedding. It is still cheering me up. This is a wedding where I was so torn about which side of the church I should sit on, bride's or groom's? No longer an issue, I get to stand at the front!

She was unsure about asking for a while, 'cause she knew about the other two weddings I'm in next year and she also knew the angst they were giving me. Also, she was also having difficulty choosing between two other people. I am her only "local" bridesmaid and I am so looking forward to hanging out with her and looking at wedding stuff. Jenni and Stoozle, the other two brides I am doing stuff with in the next year, are both mega-organised and seem to already have clear ideas about what they want. With Tash, I get to be in at ground level!


Point of Fashion: Red and Black
Current Obsession: Weddings Weddings Weddings!

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November 06, 2005

Unexpected Anticlimax

I was having a pretty good day yesterday.

Went to a new Flea Market in Thistle Hall on Upper Cuba with Sass, Jenni and Scarlett. My cousin had a hand in organising it. It had some pretty cool stuff. I bought a pretty necklace and some cheap-y earrings that I will probably never wear. I bought really cute cloth nappies for Katy. I also placed an order with my cousin for some sets of bath stuff for Christmas presents. She makes really lovely looking stuff. I really wanted to buy some beautiful silver jewellery, but could in no way afford it. Boo!

After the market walked through a bit of town. Sass left us for gymming and we went over to Jenni's. Hung out there for a bit and went to Bordeaux Bakery. Had yummy eclair. I think I like them more for the Moulin Bakery.

I then left them to grocery shopping and visited with Katy. Giving her the nappies and she gave me some tupper-goods. Yay! Had a good chat with her and she showed me many pictures of Japan. I talked to the japanese teacher on Friday and I will definitely be going with the school trip to Japan. I am soo looking forward to it. Sensei has decided that each day I must relearn a new phrase. Fridays was "Nani o benkyoo shimashita ka?" "Kaibogaku to Kagaku o benkyoo shimashita." Rockin'!

Then went and visited with Zeph and J for a while. Uninvited, but they didn't seem to mind. Then J's brother and girlfriend and 11-day old baby came and visited!!! I got to hold him for ages! So tiny and cute! Unfortunately i was totally distracted by him (and puzzlepirates) and so was late to pick up my Beau for fireworks.

Once I did pick up Beau we rushed to Hell Northland to meet Evie and crew for pizza and fireworks. Unfortunately while getting into my car my pants caught and ripped. I so need new pants! The fireworks were great. Zephfi gave me some that her and J had bought last year and never used. I was a bit worried and thought they might be dodgy, but they worked fine! In fact they had some of our favourites of the evening, namely the "battle fireworks"! Free fireworks rock.

Other cool things about the fireworks included my Dad randomly showing up. Although I guess that maybe wasn't so great for others. In fact I spoiled the council fireworks for some people by talking to him during them. I am sorry that our chatting disturbed people. It's just that I don't actually see him that much and I do love him and talking to him quite a lot.

Anyway after that things went a bit down hill. I started looking back on my day and wondering if I had just gone through and done annoying things to everyone. I had felt quite third-wheely a lot of the time. I just wanna crawl away and hide for a while, but I don't have time for it. I thought I was feeling better today, but apparently not.

Point of Fashion: One of my 2 pairs of remaining pants that don't have holes in them... but that is only a matter of time.
Current Obession: Hat trimmings, kindly donated by Jenni

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November 03, 2005

It's catching

I dyed my straw hat last night. Dylon "madonna blue".

The thing is, in class we'd been told that using the laundry tub is really good for dying, so I didn't really read the instructions properly and poured my mixed dye into my laundry tub with a fair amount of water, then went... How can I simmer this?? D'oh! Supposed to be done in pot and just rinsed in laundry tub!!

On the plus side, it is quite a pretty colour, if somewhat paler than I had intended. Also, I didn't do what another millinery student did, which was microwave her hat and dye. The hat came out a nice colour... if somewhat burned!

I should probably put this in my LJ alone with my other hat making posts, but I can't be arsed. My seniors will be gone in a week and they can't be arsed with anything either. I hope they pass, but not too well. I want them to learn that they need to do *some* work to get good marks!

Once the seniors are gone I will be extra lazy, with only form-time + 1 class a day. I should bring my togs and go swimming. *should*

Point of Fashion Still working with a limited pallete.
Current Obsession I miss my Beau!! I haven't seen him for *ages*

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November 02, 2005

Dinner and Theatre

Last week I was given a "VIP" invite by a student to go watch her in a production and last night, Sass, Music and Math Jr attended it with me!

First they came over for dinner and we once again had delicious roast chicken. This time I was responsible for the whole beginning of the roast, including putting on the potatoes and seasoning it! Sass still finished it up though. They brought us wine, Riccadonna Asti, which is sweet fizzy and nice. They also brought Boysenberry Cheesecake, which was average. We ate until we were very full and then rushed along to the theatre.

It was 3 short plays and a longer one of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

1st play, Tia Lavandera and the Day of the Dead , was a sort of ghost story and was actually pretty spooky. I was quite impressed by the abilities of the performers considering their young ages. There was a little girl that I found especially cute and good! So small and such pretty curls!

2nd play was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The performance was marred by the amount of time it took to change scenes. Apparently there was also problems with sound and lighting, leading to a rather lacklustre ending, which I actually found hilarious. A student later told me that they were actually adlibbing there as the lights were supposed to have gone to black out much earlier. The Oompa-Loompas were ok, the tallest one didn't seem to know what she was doing but the little ones were very good. Especially the one that kept telling the others what to do! My favourite part of the show has to be Augustus Gloop and Mrs Gloop! The German accents were awesome!

3rd play was a student devised one. Very short and sweet. Favourite lines were the closing ones, roughly, "I thought Garlic was supposed to scare off Vampires", "This is Onion, baby".

4th play, Dreamjob, was, I think my favourite one of the night. It was an all-girl cast and they were all very good. Especially the girl, who dreamed of being a nurse and the one who dreamed of modelling. They were amazing.

So in other words, I am still keeping very busy and I must dye my straw tonight because there is no more time!!!

Point of Fashion: Darkly Coloured
Current Obsession: 1 week until the seniors are gone!

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