November 29, 2005

That Cinches It!

I recieved my first corset in the post today, along with a yummy box of biscuits.
Michaela is a fabulous costumer and I am incredibly pleased to have an item made by her, for me!

The corset has its own site! So you can go visit it for what it was made of and how etc. Also there are pictures there.

I put it on in the staffroom first and had some difficulty getting it down over my head. Laced it on over my bra and merino top with the help of some bemused co-workers. So much fun! I'll be picking up a skirt tonight to wear with it to Beau's Grad ball this Friday. yay!

There will be pictures. I may post them or email them to people who want to see them.

Did I mention that Michaela also sent me some cookies?? Best costumer ever!!

Point of Fashion: Corsetted Goodness!
Current and Continuing Obsession: Corsetted Goodness!

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