November 25, 2005

Easing in.

I've been kind of put off blogging recently by the amount of spam I've recieved. Grrr! It is soo annoying. I had over 100 in the last week.

Anyhoo, I have been posting a bit on the LJ, hat stuff and the fact the tupperdisease is continuing. I'm hosting a "party" on Saturday. I just *can't* resist mystery gifts!

Good stuff happening:

Corset made by fabulous Michaela is arriving tomorrow.
I've joined the corsetmakers community on LJ and am having heaps of fun reading through their memories. It is really inspiring me to make my own!
Ostrich feathers arrived today. Lovely and fluffy.
I'm looking forward to dressing my straw races hat and making my outfit!
Beau has strongly intimated that I will be proposed to in the near future.

Bad stuff happening:

School is still on and I am writing reports. *Again!*
Beau has strongly intimated that I won't be getting a ring from the place that I want.

**** In case you managed to read this before I deleted stuff out of here. You are not crazy. The list of bad stuff was alot longer, but I've cut it because I don't really want to put it all out there. It was too easy to write. ****

Better Go, Beau and I are going to watch a movie at The Empire movie theatre.

Point of Fashion: Is it winter??
Current Obsession: Too much stuff.

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