December 05, 2005

In the name of love

Went to Beau's grad this weekend past and had a good time catching up with Dunedinites I haven't seen for ever. Beau was constantly busy trying to say Hi and Bye to people and so I was left on the sidelines amongst people I didn't know a fair amount of the time.

At the ball, I had an ok time and know that I looked pretty good. Many people complimented me on the outfit, which is always nice. I'm pretty sure Beau wants me to say that I had a great time, but I didn't. Seriously, being in a place with many people you don't know who are all trying to get boozed on the free wine and beer (both of which I don't like) and trying to get full on really average nibbles, is not the way for me to have a great time. Not to mention that he did want to see and talk and catch up to every second person and had no problem walking away from me to do so. The other doctors were all lovely, but they had their own friends to bid farewell to and I was not one of them.

I'm in a grump, sorry. I think it is because I keep hearing about people getting engaged and while Beau says there is a plan, he is telling others about it and not me. He is and should be worried about how I react when the plan is put in place because, quite frankly, I am worried about what I will do. I'm sure it will be fine.

In happy news that made me a bit sad, J-jo proposed to her live-in boyf and was accepted. I believe she had a ring, I don't know if she got down on a knee. It makes me sad because I guess I didn't think they would get engaged before us. She has always said how unromantic she is and she has always been pretty commitment phobic, however he is a great guy and has obviously has won her over. I should try and see her so that I can congratulate her in person.

Other good stuff, I did have a good time hanging out with people that I know. I ate some really fabulous food while in Dunedin, although obviously, not *at* the ball. I also came across the closing down sale of a fabric stall and spent over $150 on fabric... but it was all 50% off!! Of course, I don't have an actual plan for the fabric. I need to get one of those plastic boxes from the warehouse that has wheels as well as being stackable.

I'm kind of happy comments are broken.

Point of Fashion: The rain and wind made me think it would be cold.
Current Obsession: Staying upbeat.

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