November 06, 2005

Unexpected Anticlimax

I was having a pretty good day yesterday.

Went to a new Flea Market in Thistle Hall on Upper Cuba with Sass, Jenni and Scarlett. My cousin had a hand in organising it. It had some pretty cool stuff. I bought a pretty necklace and some cheap-y earrings that I will probably never wear. I bought really cute cloth nappies for Katy. I also placed an order with my cousin for some sets of bath stuff for Christmas presents. She makes really lovely looking stuff. I really wanted to buy some beautiful silver jewellery, but could in no way afford it. Boo!

After the market walked through a bit of town. Sass left us for gymming and we went over to Jenni's. Hung out there for a bit and went to Bordeaux Bakery. Had yummy eclair. I think I like them more for the Moulin Bakery.

I then left them to grocery shopping and visited with Katy. Giving her the nappies and she gave me some tupper-goods. Yay! Had a good chat with her and she showed me many pictures of Japan. I talked to the japanese teacher on Friday and I will definitely be going with the school trip to Japan. I am soo looking forward to it. Sensei has decided that each day I must relearn a new phrase. Fridays was "Nani o benkyoo shimashita ka?" "Kaibogaku to Kagaku o benkyoo shimashita." Rockin'!

Then went and visited with Zeph and J for a while. Uninvited, but they didn't seem to mind. Then J's brother and girlfriend and 11-day old baby came and visited!!! I got to hold him for ages! So tiny and cute! Unfortunately i was totally distracted by him (and puzzlepirates) and so was late to pick up my Beau for fireworks.

Once I did pick up Beau we rushed to Hell Northland to meet Evie and crew for pizza and fireworks. Unfortunately while getting into my car my pants caught and ripped. I so need new pants! The fireworks were great. Zephfi gave me some that her and J had bought last year and never used. I was a bit worried and thought they might be dodgy, but they worked fine! In fact they had some of our favourites of the evening, namely the "battle fireworks"! Free fireworks rock.

Other cool things about the fireworks included my Dad randomly showing up. Although I guess that maybe wasn't so great for others. In fact I spoiled the council fireworks for some people by talking to him during them. I am sorry that our chatting disturbed people. It's just that I don't actually see him that much and I do love him and talking to him quite a lot.

Anyway after that things went a bit down hill. I started looking back on my day and wondering if I had just gone through and done annoying things to everyone. I had felt quite third-wheely a lot of the time. I just wanna crawl away and hide for a while, but I don't have time for it. I thought I was feeling better today, but apparently not.

Point of Fashion: One of my 2 pairs of remaining pants that don't have holes in them... but that is only a matter of time.
Current Obession: Hat trimmings, kindly donated by Jenni

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