November 03, 2005

It's catching

I dyed my straw hat last night. Dylon "madonna blue".

The thing is, in class we'd been told that using the laundry tub is really good for dying, so I didn't really read the instructions properly and poured my mixed dye into my laundry tub with a fair amount of water, then went... How can I simmer this?? D'oh! Supposed to be done in pot and just rinsed in laundry tub!!

On the plus side, it is quite a pretty colour, if somewhat paler than I had intended. Also, I didn't do what another millinery student did, which was microwave her hat and dye. The hat came out a nice colour... if somewhat burned!

I should probably put this in my LJ alone with my other hat making posts, but I can't be arsed. My seniors will be gone in a week and they can't be arsed with anything either. I hope they pass, but not too well. I want them to learn that they need to do *some* work to get good marks!

Once the seniors are gone I will be extra lazy, with only form-time + 1 class a day. I should bring my togs and go swimming. *should*

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Current Obsession I miss my Beau!! I haven't seen him for *ages*

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