November 02, 2005

Dinner and Theatre

Last week I was given a "VIP" invite by a student to go watch her in a production and last night, Sass, Music and Math Jr attended it with me!

First they came over for dinner and we once again had delicious roast chicken. This time I was responsible for the whole beginning of the roast, including putting on the potatoes and seasoning it! Sass still finished it up though. They brought us wine, Riccadonna Asti, which is sweet fizzy and nice. They also brought Boysenberry Cheesecake, which was average. We ate until we were very full and then rushed along to the theatre.

It was 3 short plays and a longer one of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

1st play, Tia Lavandera and the Day of the Dead , was a sort of ghost story and was actually pretty spooky. I was quite impressed by the abilities of the performers considering their young ages. There was a little girl that I found especially cute and good! So small and such pretty curls!

2nd play was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The performance was marred by the amount of time it took to change scenes. Apparently there was also problems with sound and lighting, leading to a rather lacklustre ending, which I actually found hilarious. A student later told me that they were actually adlibbing there as the lights were supposed to have gone to black out much earlier. The Oompa-Loompas were ok, the tallest one didn't seem to know what she was doing but the little ones were very good. Especially the one that kept telling the others what to do! My favourite part of the show has to be Augustus Gloop and Mrs Gloop! The German accents were awesome!

3rd play was a student devised one. Very short and sweet. Favourite lines were the closing ones, roughly, "I thought Garlic was supposed to scare off Vampires", "This is Onion, baby".

4th play, Dreamjob, was, I think my favourite one of the night. It was an all-girl cast and they were all very good. Especially the girl, who dreamed of being a nurse and the one who dreamed of modelling. They were amazing.

So in other words, I am still keeping very busy and I must dye my straw tonight because there is no more time!!!

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