November 09, 2005

Exams Loom!

All the Seniors are finally finished with school as of 3.20pm today. Phew!

Yesterday was prizegiving and I have never been to one before! I didn't go to the ones at old WGC and I missed last years one to attend Beau's Grandma's Rosary.

There was sooo much crying! Crying from Y13's who are leaving, crying from the 2006 head and deputy-head girls, crying from students who recieved awards that were completely unexpected. The look of shock on the face of a girl who didn't realise she was getting something is completely fabulous. I was "blessed" by a Y12 I teach who got Honours in RE :) I was hugged many times.

The hugging continued into today. Y12s hugged me while telling me the positions they had recieved in their school "houses". I was given a present from one Y11 who said they liked my teaching style and described it as sarcastic in the same sentence!?? 2 other students waited until the end of class and told me I had to stay there and wait 2 min. They ran off, ran back and gave me a little box of roses chocolates! They then stood around chatting to me for the whole of their interval until I finally said, "do you want a hug?".. "YES!!" big arms open and big hugs. Finally we could all leave class.

Other students have threatened/promised me a visit at my home in the school holidays where we will be eating pizza. Another student, who is leaving school, made sure that I would write on her shirt. I think her parents might be making a mistake moving her to a new school, but I hope soo much that she will do even better there... if possible!

Exams have driven them mad, I just hope it drives them to study. They know I will be at school each day for the rest of the term, just in case they need the extra tuition. The majority of them do need it.

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