December 29, 2005

News of the *Big* Kind

So, Beau and I got engaged on Thursday!!

If you've already heard the story, feel free to not read the following entry.

I knew it was happening. If only because he'd told me he was going to propose before Christmas. I also knew there was a plan and that several others had been told of the plan. I didn't realise that the plan actually needed people's help!

On Wednesday Beau was freaking out about the plan not working, so I was actually a bit concerned. On Thursday, we were out shopping, when I called my Dad to check that I was getting him the right present and that he was coming over around 7.30 to talk about what was needed still to buy for Christmas.

Me: So, you guys are coming over at 7.30 right?
Dad: Yeah, but Beau is coming over here in about 30min.
Me: Huh? I don't think so.
Dad:..Oh... Maybe you aren't supposed to know...
Me: It's not that, it's that he is here with me in Lower Hutt. I don't know how he'll get to Karori in 30 minutes.

Hmmm, why would Beau need to go visit my Dad??? Anyway, I ended up driving him there. He was acting weird, but all I could do was laugh at him, because I was excited about what was going to happen and also, he was being really silly. For example, he refused to allow me to go in with him to my parents, by simply denying that we were there.

Me: Can I come and use the phone to call Rachel?
Beau: Sure, but what phone?
Me: The landline at my parents??
Beau: But, we're not there!

Anyhoo, I was under the impression that he would be getting a ride back over with Dad when he came over to talk about Christmas, but Dad and Bambi came over without him. Apparently he had gone to his parents.

I was pretty confused by what was happening then. However, I was still pretty sure it was going to happen *that night*. So even though I was at home and pretty tired. I did not go to bed or get changed into my pajamas or anything. Instead, I just blobbed on the couch with Muggle, watching Jerry McGuire. Beau turned up around 10pm.

After a while of us watching TV, Beau asks me if I want to go for a walk!

Beau: Do you want to go for a walk?
Me: Bwahahahaha! .... I dunno it's kinda cold.
Muggle: Here are your shoes! Get your coat. You'll need a torch for a reading light!

So we do. We wander down to the park, go on the swings and see-saw and head back home. We reach my house and Beau keeps walking. Only to the street light thought. I catch up.

Beau: I have to tie up my shoelace?
Me, laughing: Or you'll fall over? Show me your shoe!!

He had purposely worked a shoe lace undone for this (some what lame, but entirely adorable) excuse to get down on one knee. He hands me a packet of photos and I start crying.

Photo 1: Depicts our friends Ian and Carla standing outside Hayward Hall, the place we first met. They are grinning and holding a big sign that says: WILL

Photo 2: Depicts our friends Hugh and Angus standing outside the Dunedin Town Hall, the place we had out first date. They are grinning and peering over a big sign that says: YOU

Photo 3: Depicts my Dad standing outside my family home in Karori. He is grinning hugely and holding a big sign that says: MARRY

Photo 4: Depicts my Beau standing outside our bedroom window. You can see my car and the house number. He has the most hopeful look in the world on his face and is holding a big sign with an arrow pointing at his face that says: ME

I'm crying just recounting this thing!

Also in the envelope is another smaller packet with "IF YES" emblazoned on it. Opening it, inside is printed "You have 2 option". There are 4 photos inside, 2 of the Beau outside and pointing at the sign for the Village Goldsmith. The other 2 are of him outside the Flight Centre pointing at the airfares to Bangkok.

I have the choice of getting a ring made in Wellington, or of waiting and flying to Bangkok with him for 2 weeks and getting a ring there.

It is a lovely, lovely, lovely proposal and a lovely, lovely, lovely choice from the loveliest man. I do love him a lot!

I've chosen to get my ring made here. I can't wait the time it would take to get to Thailand and I won't risk not having enough time to get one there either.

I'm kinda ridiculously happy considering that in a lot of ways it wasn't a surprise.

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December 19, 2005

Crafted out!

Well, spent many hot hours at Thistle Hall and it was fun, even if I didn't sell many things. I didn't expect too either.

Huge props to Svend, Star and my cousin Meg, without whom I would have sold Nothing! I love you guys!

Jenni managed to sell 2 cushions. One to Meg again (she rocks sooo much, but also was the reason why we had a stall at all, so she's probably trying to get us enthused) and another to... a stranger!! Amazing.

I think our stuff wasn't cheap enough. It was a bit $5 or less there.

More on the plus side, I got a cool badge and 2 felt hats that I can reshape into cool 20s style hats. I think one for Jenni (faded blue) and then another one... don't know who or what for. It is very faded red. There is no way I can really sell them as they would just be too much. Like more than $50, and that would only be for the time they take.

Muggle stayed with us the whole afternoon and hung out, so that was really cool. We were also visited by Evie, Jarrat, Scarlet, Hix and my Aunt and Uncle. So yay for them!

Hope people are having a good time and looking forward to holidays.


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December 16, 2005

Oh, the effort!

Can't seem to be bothered much with the blogging. I blame the holidays.

I went into school again today and cleaned out my desk some. It now looks worse than when I started on it! I figure I'll go back next week some time. I also took down yucky dirty plates and mugs people had left in the work room. Unfortunately when taking them into the kitchen I also got roped into emptying the work room fridge! Yuck! it wasn't too bad I guess. Then I left! Yay!

Yesterday i went swimming, exercise has been ok this week. I'm all changed into trackpants etc to go on the exercycle, but we shall soon see if I actually do it.

On Wednesday I did a bunch of shopping in Lower Hutt. Found a couple of stores on High street that are closing down. One is a craft store and has like 20% off everything they have left. I got some sewing machine needles. There was much embroidery threads! Another shop closing down was an asian-type clothing store, L'Orient or something. The main reason I mention them is that they have Chinese brocade jackets going for $30! They are even regular person sizes and I fit one. I might go back and buy one next week. They close down next Friday.

I also went into Garb which is like plus size Annah S and I tried on one of their "where it your way" or whatever they are called, styled tops. I wanted one and even have events (weddings) to wear it to, but decided to wait a bit longer, then on trademe I found it for $30 Buy Now! So I did! Hurrah! I'll hopefully be getting it on Monday! yeah!

On Tuesday Beau and I went and saw Narnia. Tuesday night movie tickets *rock* $9.50 at Reading! The movie was pretty good. I was a bit annoyed by a bunch of stuff, but figured that it was from the book, so what could they do anyway. I thought they were all beautiful as adults though. It made me want to read the books again. I think I read them when I was 11-12, so I probably have forgotten heaps!

I made a bunch of feathered fascinators the other day. I don't know how good they are really and fully expect noone to buy them. However, it has been quite fun to make. Plus, who knew you could get florists tape at the $2 shop!?

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December 12, 2005

Time Wasting.

I am at school. I realise that it is the holidays, yet I am still here. I have seen 2 other people from the Sci Dept here too. We are either extra good 'cause we are getting ready for next year, or extra slack, 'cause we are still trying to sort out stuff from last year.

In actual fact, for me, it is a mixture of both. I am tidying up stuff left over from this year, and am also trying to get at all organised for next year.

Ok, in actual fact, I am waiting for my car to get fixed in the garage. I went to get its WOF last week and it had a couple of things that needed to get sorted. One was the spare tire needed to get screwed down. Which is a bit of a gyp, since *they* are the ones who put that spare tire there! On the other hand, my car does like to close the boot unexpectedly, so I can see how they might have been frightened of doing it. I did it this morning before I went, so that is all good.

In other non-exciting Giffy-happenings, I managed to do laundry this morning and peg it up inside. The weather is being weird as all in Wgtn will have noticed, but it is warm, so hopefully the stuff will dry. I also made breakfast for Beau and I, softish boiled eggs on toast, plus a couple of tomatoes. I didn't say it was a difficult breakfast. Did you know the Edmond's Cookbook has a recipe for boiled eggs! It is such an awesome cookbook!

ANy questions?

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December 09, 2005

Finally, Free!!

School is over! Students are gone! I have presents! Time for morning tea and staff X-mas Funtion!!! Hurrah!!!

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December 06, 2005

Replying to emails: Lo-ong

I realise Beau is the one for me and loves me lots. I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm even relatively sure that his plan will be good. Scratch that, I am sure it is a good plan, I am pretty sure everything will go according to it.

However, I do find it frustrating that he isn't telling me the plans, even though I know he is planning something so that it is special for me. He should know that I *hate* knowing that people are planning something about me. I seriously hate it alot. I hate feeling left out and isolated and vulnerable, which is what I feel when I know people are talking about something to do with me, but excluding me from it. It might not be reasonable, but it makes me feel like people are plotting against me. If it is a surprise it should be a complete surprise.

I also think he should realise that it isn't going to make me feel all happy and loved when I know that other people, several of whom I don't know very well at all, know about his plan. Some of them have even assured me it will be cool. This does not reassure me in any way. This makes me go, Why do you know about something that should be a special thing for me and Beau??

I know why he is telling other people too. He is worried I won't like it. Beau knows that when I am surprised by things I don't like, I can't hide it. He also knows that I especially hate things that I might normally only dislike a little, when other people who I feel know and love me give them to me thinking I will like them. This is because by giving me something I don't like, they have revealed that they don't actually know what I like at all, ie, that they don't know me at all, ie that they don't actually care about me at all. Again, I realise this is unreasonable. I realise it is harsh and I almost never mention it to the people concerned. I hope this doesn't make anyone paranoid that I hate any of their gifts. I love gifts. Feel free to give some to me.

I may seem crazy in my desperation to have things go according to *my plan*, namely, get engaged so that I can organise wedding for early 2007. Well, that may have already gone out the window, because Beau's sister is looking to have her wedding then... in Hawaii.

The reason I wish to get married then is that I would like to have it all paid for and sorted out before Beau and I go on our OE. This is because being married and living together for a reasonable amount of time makes visa's etc much easier to organise. Esp in Thailand. We would like to go on our OE in 2008. This may also go out the window, depending on whether or not Beau needs to stay in NZ to get into the doctor stuff he wants to do. If we don't go overseas, I think I will go back to study.

The reason that we wish to go on our OE in 2008 is that Beau and I would like to start trying for a family before I am 30. Namely, before March 2010. This is because, statistically, it is safer to have your first pregnancy before you are 30. Plus, the later I wait to start, the less viable eggs I will have.

Does the horrific planning frighten you? If so, sorry. I am not even close to a perfect person. I have many insecurities and you may not know them all. Beau knows pretty much all of them. He listens to me whinging and whining about myself and he holds me when I am crying. He doesn't try to tell me how I should feel or should be, because he knows this isn't what I want. He knows I can play Devil's Advocate for myself, he will patiently listen to me argue both sides of an argument and then he will hear my frustration at seeing both sides, thus feeling guilty over acting one way. He almost never gives me advice, but he always gives me support.

That is part of why I love him. That is partly why I am crying while typing.

None of that changes the fact that I am sad that he might put his plan into action when my mother is out of the country, or the fact that I will be sad if he delays it until she returns. I am a silly, silly duff.

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December 05, 2005

In the name of love

Went to Beau's grad this weekend past and had a good time catching up with Dunedinites I haven't seen for ever. Beau was constantly busy trying to say Hi and Bye to people and so I was left on the sidelines amongst people I didn't know a fair amount of the time.

At the ball, I had an ok time and know that I looked pretty good. Many people complimented me on the outfit, which is always nice. I'm pretty sure Beau wants me to say that I had a great time, but I didn't. Seriously, being in a place with many people you don't know who are all trying to get boozed on the free wine and beer (both of which I don't like) and trying to get full on really average nibbles, is not the way for me to have a great time. Not to mention that he did want to see and talk and catch up to every second person and had no problem walking away from me to do so. The other doctors were all lovely, but they had their own friends to bid farewell to and I was not one of them.

I'm in a grump, sorry. I think it is because I keep hearing about people getting engaged and while Beau says there is a plan, he is telling others about it and not me. He is and should be worried about how I react when the plan is put in place because, quite frankly, I am worried about what I will do. I'm sure it will be fine.

In happy news that made me a bit sad, J-jo proposed to her live-in boyf and was accepted. I believe she had a ring, I don't know if she got down on a knee. It makes me sad because I guess I didn't think they would get engaged before us. She has always said how unromantic she is and she has always been pretty commitment phobic, however he is a great guy and has obviously has won her over. I should try and see her so that I can congratulate her in person.

Other good stuff, I did have a good time hanging out with people that I know. I ate some really fabulous food while in Dunedin, although obviously, not *at* the ball. I also came across the closing down sale of a fabric stall and spent over $150 on fabric... but it was all 50% off!! Of course, I don't have an actual plan for the fabric. I need to get one of those plastic boxes from the warehouse that has wheels as well as being stackable.

I'm kind of happy comments are broken.

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