December 16, 2005

Oh, the effort!

Can't seem to be bothered much with the blogging. I blame the holidays.

I went into school again today and cleaned out my desk some. It now looks worse than when I started on it! I figure I'll go back next week some time. I also took down yucky dirty plates and mugs people had left in the work room. Unfortunately when taking them into the kitchen I also got roped into emptying the work room fridge! Yuck! it wasn't too bad I guess. Then I left! Yay!

Yesterday i went swimming, exercise has been ok this week. I'm all changed into trackpants etc to go on the exercycle, but we shall soon see if I actually do it.

On Wednesday I did a bunch of shopping in Lower Hutt. Found a couple of stores on High street that are closing down. One is a craft store and has like 20% off everything they have left. I got some sewing machine needles. There was much embroidery threads! Another shop closing down was an asian-type clothing store, L'Orient or something. The main reason I mention them is that they have Chinese brocade jackets going for $30! They are even regular person sizes and I fit one. I might go back and buy one next week. They close down next Friday.

I also went into Garb which is like plus size Annah S and I tried on one of their "where it your way" or whatever they are called, styled tops. I wanted one and even have events (weddings) to wear it to, but decided to wait a bit longer, then on trademe I found it for $30 Buy Now! So I did! Hurrah! I'll hopefully be getting it on Monday! yeah!

On Tuesday Beau and I went and saw Narnia. Tuesday night movie tickets *rock* $9.50 at Reading! The movie was pretty good. I was a bit annoyed by a bunch of stuff, but figured that it was from the book, so what could they do anyway. I thought they were all beautiful as adults though. It made me want to read the books again. I think I read them when I was 11-12, so I probably have forgotten heaps!

I made a bunch of feathered fascinators the other day. I don't know how good they are really and fully expect noone to buy them. However, it has been quite fun to make. Plus, who knew you could get florists tape at the $2 shop!?

Point of Fashion: Exercise
Current Obsession: Procrastination

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