December 19, 2005

Crafted out!

Well, spent many hot hours at Thistle Hall and it was fun, even if I didn't sell many things. I didn't expect too either.

Huge props to Svend, Star and my cousin Meg, without whom I would have sold Nothing! I love you guys!

Jenni managed to sell 2 cushions. One to Meg again (she rocks sooo much, but also was the reason why we had a stall at all, so she's probably trying to get us enthused) and another to... a stranger!! Amazing.

I think our stuff wasn't cheap enough. It was a bit $5 or less there.

More on the plus side, I got a cool badge and 2 felt hats that I can reshape into cool 20s style hats. I think one for Jenni (faded blue) and then another one... don't know who or what for. It is very faded red. There is no way I can really sell them as they would just be too much. Like more than $50, and that would only be for the time they take.

Muggle stayed with us the whole afternoon and hung out, so that was really cool. We were also visited by Evie, Jarrat, Scarlet, Hix and my Aunt and Uncle. So yay for them!

Hope people are having a good time and looking forward to holidays.


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