December 12, 2005

Time Wasting.

I am at school. I realise that it is the holidays, yet I am still here. I have seen 2 other people from the Sci Dept here too. We are either extra good 'cause we are getting ready for next year, or extra slack, 'cause we are still trying to sort out stuff from last year.

In actual fact, for me, it is a mixture of both. I am tidying up stuff left over from this year, and am also trying to get at all organised for next year.

Ok, in actual fact, I am waiting for my car to get fixed in the garage. I went to get its WOF last week and it had a couple of things that needed to get sorted. One was the spare tire needed to get screwed down. Which is a bit of a gyp, since *they* are the ones who put that spare tire there! On the other hand, my car does like to close the boot unexpectedly, so I can see how they might have been frightened of doing it. I did it this morning before I went, so that is all good.

In other non-exciting Giffy-happenings, I managed to do laundry this morning and peg it up inside. The weather is being weird as all in Wgtn will have noticed, but it is warm, so hopefully the stuff will dry. I also made breakfast for Beau and I, softish boiled eggs on toast, plus a couple of tomatoes. I didn't say it was a difficult breakfast. Did you know the Edmond's Cookbook has a recipe for boiled eggs! It is such an awesome cookbook!

ANy questions?

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