January 31, 2006

Hair Cut!

I have had my hair cut for the first time in 2 years. That's right, I was actually in Thailand the last time my hair was cut. Anyhoo it had really fierce split ends and about 20 cm had to go.

My hair is no longer "OMG Giffy your hair is really long!" long, it is now merely long. It also looks more asian for some reason. I dunno.


Point of Fashion: Less Hair Than Before
Current Obsession: Will anyone notice?

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January 30, 2006

Lucky People Get Massage

I personally have had the joy of being massaged by more than one person at any one time. It is a fabulous thing. You body sort of goes into a sensory overload and you actually can't think, only feel, only feel damned good! A bunch of people got to experience this joy yesterday and I know that I'm jealous! Hopefully it'll happen again... right?

Anyhoo, I think massage is a fabulous, intimate and sensual thing. It is actually a wonderful thing to share with your friends and even family. Often as adults we do not actually touch other people a lot, unless it is your partner/lover, so it can be a kinda "scary/weird thing" to do. If you can get passed that then it is awesome.

To me, massage is a pretty natural thing. I have childhood memories of my dad reading me (and the others that followed) bedtime stories and then giving me back scratches and shoulder/neck rubs to help me relax and fall asleep.

My Mum is the one who gets the kudos for teaching me to massage, so if you have gotten the benefit of that at any time, you must thank her! She had me massaging her from age 7!! I remember when I was 12 I even walked on someones back! I didn't get why she was always getting me to "check her head of white hairs", to rub her feet or scratch her back. It wasn't that much fun for me! I'd get bored and she'd be all, "NO, keep going!". Now I see that she was getting sweet scalp, leg and back massages. I'm even kinda grateful, because that's why I have any massaging talent. Plus, we had some of my best teenaged talks while I was blathering on about my life, and she was zoning out in the land of massage.

And on a related side note... Debbie + Norman's Spa + Alcohol is one of life's sweetest cocktails!!

Point of Fashion: Shellfish Pajamas
Current Obsession: Massage!!

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January 26, 2006

Engagement Bling!!

I got my engagement bling yesterday! It is sooo shiny! My Jeweller is sooo cool! He is the father of one of my students and we went over to their house to pick it up. His wife is also super nice and was just so happy for us! I even got a text later on from their daughter (my student) congratulating me! Awww! I must show it to more people!

Also yesterday visited at Scarlet and Alan's new place. Very cool! Nice big windows, huge lounge plus spare room/ office for Scarlet! Looking forward to the flatwarming ;)

Popped in and visited Quarantine apt to pick up my bridesmaids dress. I was paranoid that it wouldn't fit 'cause apparently the others are having some troubles, but no, it is totally fine. It is still a bit loose at the top, but that is due to me having smallish breasts more than anything else. I'll wear the "chicken fillets" underneath so it'll be fine. Also Muggle has leant me a necklace and I've got shoes and it is looking good!


Point of Fashion: Sooo Shiny!
Current Obsession: SoOo Shiny!

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January 24, 2006

Holidaying and Kapcon 15

I'm at school feeling so tired that I must have been on holiday, right?

Mot was completly fabulous.

We swam in both a river and the sea! I did some time weeding, mulching and then harvesting in an organic garden! We fished and caught and ate salmon!

Much time was spent entertaining a 3 year old. I never want to hear that version of goldilocks and the three bears again. She was super-well behaved.

Played 1 and 3/4 of games of scrabble and I won both. Highlight was being when I managed to use up all my letters on a triple word score!! Sweet!

Road trips kick arse!

I also attended Kapcon.

I only played in 3 games (+LARP) and they were all good.

1) Conan's Flight of the Aristola.
He always has fabulous descriptions. Also made it extra cool and special by having a large range of characters to choose from and each character having an option of "secrets" to choose from. Very cool! Jenni and I both chose to typecast ourselves for this one, but, if it feels good...Do It!

2) Hix's Lucky Jones
A new system that Hix has been working on. Heaps of fun being in a mad sitcom family. There was soo much hilarity, I'm sad I can't remember anything in particular, although I do remember that drinking was very difficult because you just had to keep laughing! One episode ended with the father character being struck by lightening... good times ;)

3) Nick's Cowboy Bebop
I was really tired by the morning of the second day, but this game still had fabulous energy. Props to Nick for all his efforts with pictures and music and being awesome. Jenni was Ed. Eerie. Yay!

The Larp!
OMG!!! Svend, Debz, Matt, YOU GUYS ARE GENIUSES! I had sooo much fun at the Larp and must especially congratulate first-time Larpers Jj and Sok for their superlative efforts. Esp Jj who was completely in character the whole time with a fabulous french accent and who actually managed to have a conversation with "Christine Daie" completely in French! Incredible! The larp had some extra fear for the three of us, because we had volunteered to provide some musical entertainment and so learned and sang a song in 3-part harmony! I sang the bottom part! Crazy. I loved it soo much I must now do what Muggle did yesterday, namely go and search google for what others have said.

Sorry if I missed some of the awesome things that other people have done, but there is just too much and I'm still getting back into the blogging mode.

Point of Fashion: Kapcon Badge
Current Obsession: What did others blog about???

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January 14, 2006

Then away they go to an Island Fa-ir!

That lies in a Southern Sea...
Namely, the South Island.

I should have blogged about all the precious things I have seen in the past month or so, Matt and the Singapore Girl's wedding, or even Yeshi and her Phillipino Boy's wedding! Both outdoors and fabulous, yet completely different. Or maybe I should bloth about the preciousness of getting to touch babies so tiny, they aren't yet ready for the outside world. Or I could blog about how I visited the jeweller with my Beau and we saw the stone that will be going in my engagement ring!!

But, I've been too slack for that.

I'm going to Mot with Beau, Kero and her Mum and Beau's sister's fiance, Mr P! I'll be back on Friday the 20th aka Sass's birthday! Not 'til late though.

Should be contactable by cell. Wish me luck, I'm sleeping in a tent!


Point of Fashion: Variations on the outfit I'll be wearing for the next week.
Current Obsession: Forgetting to pack something!

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January 04, 2006

Health Warning

For those who attended my New Years Party, I have been informed that one of the attendees has come out in spots! Have you guessed it? Chicken Pox!! Anyhoo, she would have been infectious then and is very apologetic!

I'm hopeful that it will not adversely affect anyone. Be watchful!

Also, thanks for attending ;)

Point of Fashion: Exercise
Current Obsession: Weight

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