January 14, 2006

Then away they go to an Island Fa-ir!

That lies in a Southern Sea...
Namely, the South Island.

I should have blogged about all the precious things I have seen in the past month or so, Matt and the Singapore Girl's wedding, or even Yeshi and her Phillipino Boy's wedding! Both outdoors and fabulous, yet completely different. Or maybe I should bloth about the preciousness of getting to touch babies so tiny, they aren't yet ready for the outside world. Or I could blog about how I visited the jeweller with my Beau and we saw the stone that will be going in my engagement ring!!

But, I've been too slack for that.

I'm going to Mot with Beau, Kero and her Mum and Beau's sister's fiance, Mr P! I'll be back on Friday the 20th aka Sass's birthday! Not 'til late though.

Should be contactable by cell. Wish me luck, I'm sleeping in a tent!


Point of Fashion: Variations on the outfit I'll be wearing for the next week.
Current Obsession: Forgetting to pack something!

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