February 27, 2006

Answering Questions

Maggie's first 'cause it is easy.

Where does Beau stay when he is on placement?

The hospital puts him up. If he wasn't renting then he would have to pay $150 (I think) a week for this, but since he pays rent and costs at our place then it is free. When I was on section as a teacher I had to find my own accomadation and TCol would only give you $500 for the 5 weeks you were away, including the cost of you actually going away.

Preq's questions

What's up with water evaporating when it isn't boiling?

This is basically a matter of diffusion and concentration gradients. Some water particles near the surface of the water manage to get enough energy to break away from the liquid and then they just float away. That happens enough and all the water evaporates. Much more likely to occur in a saucer than in a cup because if the partlicles touch the side of the cup they can condense back down again. Remember that it is both pressure and temperature that determines any substances state (or phase).

What's the difference between steam and water vapour?

As far as I can tell, temperature. Steam is very hot water. Water vapour is at regular surrounding temperature, but still in gaseous state 'cause it's all spread out or something. eg, straight from a kettle = steam, humidity in air = water vapour.


Hope this has been enlightening! Feel free to ask other questions and I'll try and answer them.

In other news, weekend was mellow and good.

Beau managed to get up before me on Sunday and made me breakfast in bed and tidied the kitchen while I had a bath!

Sass also vacuumed and did the dishes over the weekend.

Muggle and Pirip did the flat shopping!

I am feeling very spoilt and will be cooking butter chicken for the flat tonight. I will also be missing my love.

Point of Fashion: pants that I had thought were too tight, but now are not!
Current Obsession: Is my weight actually going down or was it a fluke?

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February 23, 2006

All Hail Sass!

For she listens to the weather report and so is awesome! If not for Sass then I would be *very* cold!

Life has been a bit frantic and I've been a bit down. We had a bit of a plumbing disaster after Muggle's party in that the kitchen sink was totally blocked and would not allow *anything* to go down it. The messiness of the house combined with the fear of plumbers fees made me worried and unhappy. Luckily a $23 visit to Mitre 10 Mega equipped me with a plunger, some drain cleaner and a drain cleaning "snake" and by Tuesday evening all was right with the sink once more. I might put the drain cleaner down all our sinks at some stage. That 100% NaOH is powerful stuff!

I'm also a bit down due to tiredness. Being a fully registered teacher means one more class a day than I have had for the last 2 years and that class is "practical science". In our school all students must do 5th form science, but we are willing to admit that not all 5th formers are ready to do NCEA science. Those are the kids in my "extra" class. That is the only class of it in the school so I am the only teacher doing it. This means I don't have as much support for it as I do my other subjects where at least 2 other teachers are covering the same material as me.

Basically, my work is now more difficult and I have less time to do it in. Ah well.

Also, my Beau is about to finish his current placement in the Hutt and move to his placement in *Masterton*!! That means he won't be here during the week. He will be in *Masterton*!! He should come back for most weekends but not all as some he will have to work. Boo!! I will miss him and I will also miss the awesomeness that is him cleaning the kitchen. He is just so good at it! Why does he always leave me when the weather starts to get cold??

Other than that, life is pretty good. I've been goodish about exercise and last night Sok and J had Beau and I over for dinner, Yay! Plus, I've got millinery class tonight. That's right, it has started up again. That means I shall be posting about hat making shortly.

I've also been good with lunches and breakfasts and not bought my lunch at school yet! Partly it is me trying to save money, partly trying to not eat bad food in a desire to lose some weight, mostly I don't have time to go out of school to get lunch!

Point of Fashion: Thanks to Sass I have a jacket!
Current Obsession: Tiredness vs Millinery

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February 18, 2006

Mellow and not Yellow

I'm having a good weekend. Ben Harper is playing on the computer and it is good.

I managed to survive Thursday and Friday pretty well. The first times I've ever had to teach 5 periods on a row with no non-contact between them. I just hope I can keep it up without getting too stressed about it. Thursdays are trickier for me than Fridays 'cause then I have my non-contact last and on Friday I have it 1st meaning I basically have 2 non-contacts in a row to get organised for the day, plus lunch-time is a good organise-y time for me.

Yesterday I also met up with Evie and then we headed over to Emba's new flat. It is lovely and it was lovely to hang out with her and her sis and the others when they arrived. Evie and I didn't stay *too* late though 'cause we had dinner waiting for us back in the Hutt. Yummy chicken and noodles! Yay for Jarrat's cooking!

Evie also got a dressmakers dummy! Very cool. It isn't quite whole, but Dagger also came over and they spent time going over it and in the end figured that it could be fixed. I also managed to do some work on the corset and finally cut my pattern down to size.

Today I got woken up by my Dad. He was coming over to borrow my car, since it has a tow bar and theirs don't. I couldn't get back to sleep after so I got up and did two loads of washing! Including washing my quilt and the fabric for my corset. Very good. I also steamed pork buns for muggle and Beau's breakfast!

Dad came back over and we had a bit of a chat, but I realised I needed to get going and hopped on the exercycle, this is 'cause Tash and I had organised to go look at a dressmakers. I was still peddling when she arrived but she seemed pretty happy to chat to Dad and Beau while I finished up with that and quickly had a shower.

We then headed over to Shika's. This is the dressmaker. She is a thai woman my Mum knows who specialises in bridal and evening wear. She has been working out of her home, but is just about to open a shop in Hataitai. She had several dresses up as examples of her work and talked to Tash quite a bit about what she wanted. She ended up quoting her about $1500, this includes fabric and quite a bit of hand embroidery and beading so isn't mad. It is quite a bit more than Tash was quoted at another dressmakers, but the other dressmaker wants Tash to go and buy all the fabric and notions which she is quite intimidated by, plus that also takes up the time Tash could be spending doing other stuff. So Tash is undecided, but is leaning towards Shika, just 'cause she seemed to have a better attitude than the other woman, plus, Tash doesn't really want to spend all that time looking for the stuff.

Anywho, I'll be going to Chelle and J's tonight. Better get to it and make up my "plate".

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February 15, 2006

Another V-day another regular day

Went back and read what I was up to last year around this time and that was cool. Mostly the same stuff as this year, although now I have a house and rather than getting excited about other people's engagements I'm excited about mine!

This summer I've already attended 3 weddings and been a bridesmaid at one. I still have 4 more weddings to attend this year as well as 1 civil union party. I shall be a bridesmaid 2 more times this year and hopefully next year I shall be a bride!


In my regular style, I didn't get organised enough to send Valentine's out for the day. I pretty much am never organised enough to, but then always want to the next year and then never do! I think I just need to make the cards and start sending them out. People are always saying you should "celebrate" love everyday of the year, so noone should complain about lateness or anything, right?

This year was my turn to do something for Beau and I really wanted to buy him a TV, but we looked at big screen TVs and we decided that if we really want one, we want an LCD screen, 'cause regular TVs are just too big!! Thus, I did not buy him a TV. I did buy him coconut buns and roast pork buns that I shall be heating up tonight. I also paid for our dinner at Leuven. It was very good, but we ate so much we couldn't eat dessert! Yikes!

School continues to happen, luckily the kids are mostly good at the beginning of the year. This makes life better.

Point of Fashion:
Have been exercising
Current Obsession: My Beau

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February 08, 2006

Yesterday I saw 18 goats!

Gah, I haven't updated in ages. What has been happening...

On Friday Beau and I went to Matt and Debz house to "celebrate" the end of the school year. We drank and made most merry. We played various PS2 games and dressed in lovely dresses. We convinced people that they should mission up from Wellington and join us!! Altogether *awesome*

On Saturday we drove back home and I hung out with my Tasha. We had yummy food from the Wakefield Market! I love the Wakefield Market foodcourt!!! Sadly, the Japanese dessert stand will now be closed as the proprietors are moving back to Japan. Still, I got to try 3 types of ice-cream, so I'm not too sad.

Beau and I went over to his parents for dinner that night and Svend and Star showed up too, so it was actually quite a big gathering. Yay!

Sunday.. hmm.. what happened on Sunday?? Jenni and Lee's Wedding of course!
I was picked up late at 9.10am, but apparently it was planned as they knew I would be running late. Clever Chelle! I'd already been up over an hour by then getting hair etc ready. Sass came along with us as she was in charge of the hair. We then headed to Jenni's and had some drinks and the other girl's got their hair done. Mine continued to be set.

At 11 we headed over to Kirk's and got our makeup done at the Bobbi Brown counter. Very nice! Very expensive but *very nice*. Jenni got extra shimmer because she is the bride, but then she also paid extra money so it is only fair!

We then grabbed some lunchables at the cafe and headed to Lee's parents for dressing. Jenni was indeed the fastest to get dressed. We took a bit longer, although I'm pleased with how quickly I managed to finish with the hair and put on the clothes. Props to Sass for getting the feathers in there.

Photos were then taken at the Botanical Gardens where there was little wind and lots of Sun. Much fun was had with parasols. After that we headed to the Castle in case more photos were required. Props to Svend for negotiating that narrow road while large oncoming SUVs were taking up all possible space!

Then we waited. Then the ceremony occured. I think that hanging round with them all day and knowing what was happening took away some of the impact for me. I still teared up a bit. I had to grin at how Lee dealt with the pressure of the wedding ring not fitting immediately. I also had to smile at how us bridesmaids were all good and lined up according to height and holding our hands neatly in front, whereas the guys were standing there with untucked shirts and some may have had hands in pockets!!

The rest of the wedding continued to be awesome! Many people said I looked fabulous. The food was yummy. The speeches were touching. Especially Jenni's Dad and Lee's! I drank a bunch of wine and talked to a passel of people. Eventually I got home feeling that it was *very* late, but it wasn't actually! Yay for sleep! Thanks to Chelle and J for taking me home.

The next day I got up earlyish to take Beau to work. Since I wasn't going to be able to get back to sleep I made pancakes for everyone and watched TV. Eventually got dressed and headed to the post-wedding meet and greet. Food there was also great. Ate much food and was amazed at presents they recieved and looked at pictures and didn't like the way I looked in them.

Then took flatties and headed to J-j and her Beau's engagement/housewarming party. Ate more yummy food and played an enjoyable game of Trivial Pursuit, although I must say, Too much Trivial Pursuit and Not Enough Pie, make Sokky and Sass Go Crazy!!

Eventually made it home to watch silly DVDs and go to sleep.

The next day, yesterday, I started school. It is going ok. I have gotten to show many people the engagement bling. I need to now go and do some work though.


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February 02, 2006

Vicious Pastries

Yesterday I got bored. I have got crafts I can do, like make a hat for Jenni, or finish knitting the scarf for Mum, or adjust my corset pattern. I did not want to do them. Crafts are more fun when there is someone else there to talk with while you do stuff.

I also realised that I am in the last days of my holiday! Horrific. I needed something cool and fun to do! So I picked up Nick and Conan and took them over to my house and forced them to read my 7th form diary. Fools!!!

I love my 7th form diary. It is the best diary I ever had ever. Although, my 6th form one is also good. It is full of random writings and pictures and stuff I just glued in. One major contributer to my diary is Sokky. This is because her and I had physics and chemistry together everyday. We always sat and "worked" together. My diary has "munky raychell", "the angry muffin" and "the ribosomes on the endoplasmic reticulum", all thanks to Sokky.

It is pretty damned awesome. Looking at it makes me want another "scribble in" diary. I also know that I can get a free small diary from the office. Who would be willing to contribute to it? You would be given the diary for days at a time and be expected to go through it and write and draw and stick in random stuff. Then it would be passed on to others. Eventually you would get it back again later and get to see what others had done and if they have commented on your own stuff.

You know you want to! I go to the office now to get one!!!

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February 01, 2006

Crazy Hair Up

I went to school today with my hair in curlers and noone mentioned a thing. I'm wondering if I'm getting passe? (stupid no acute and lack of spelling skills).

Getting to school took just under 1 and a half hours, when it normally takes me under 20mins!! What was up with that today? I listened to the radio but didn't hear anything about it.

Listening to the radio a couple of days ago, I found out that the number of single parent homes is the same now as it was, say, a hundred years ago. There were more people who were married then and people didn't divorce but the husband (or wife) was more likely to have simply run-off or died than they are now. Amazing!

I had fun at Jenni's last night and will have fun at my house tonight. We are getting our eyebrows and legs done. There is to be roast chicken for dinner! Miss Scarlett will also be over and will be filling up wedding boxes. Rockin'

Can't think of anything else. Comment to give me the love.

Point of Fashion: hair practise
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